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    New here from USA

    Hi Carla & welcome It's nice to have another Virginian - I too am in Chesapeake. You will find the folks here very friendly & helpful. Good luck in your hunt. b00kie
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    Edwards/Hunt/Jones of Wolverhampton

    Wow! We are so close & so far apart! My g grandmother Harriet Hickman married John Joseph Jones of Wales at St. Luke's in Wolverhampton. They immigrated to the US shortly afterwards & had 4 children. All lived their lives here. Guess we don't have a connection after all.:( b00kie
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    American relatives

    Hi, I am in America. Can you give me any birth dates or place for your Charles? Will see what I can find. b00kie
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    Edwards/Hunt/Jones of Wolverhampton

    How does Jones fit into the equation? I have Jones in my family in Wolverhampton. b00kie
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    Help with certificate writing

    I agree with the millner profession- grooms father's name looks like Oiran. b00kie
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    Richards / Collins

    Hi Gibbo, I have been following your post & am thrilled that you have made a connection! That's what its all about, isn't it? In regards to searching in the USA- some states have these records on line but most do not. In order to get marriage, birth or death certs you'll need to go directly to...
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    Cornwall to Michigan

    Hi Gibbo Do you have birth dates for the family members? It would make searching the Ellis Island records easier. If they traveled together, they would probably be on the same ship's manifest. Did they stay in Michigan or just visit? b00kie:)
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    Thomas Banks 1795.

    I have checked for you - the Wetzel records on line start at 1854. West Va has an on going project to post these records. You might want to keep checking back- the web address is www.wvculture.org/vrr/va_select.aspx or if you just google west va marriage records it should be the 1st entry. Sorry...
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    Marriage John James Blower & Sarah Elizabeth Blower

    Hi Garry, I have gone back & "re-looked" at the trees. The one that says John was born in Essex has very little info, so this is probably incorrect. There are 2 or 3 that list all the info you have & that's where I found Albert John(the one who went to CA). Now, there is a very interesting twist...
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    Marriage John James Blower & Sarah Elizabeth Blower

    According to tree I found, your John was born abt 1839 in Essex County. b00kie
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    John James Blower in USA then Colombo (Sri Lanka)

    Hi, There is a Herbert James, parents John & Sarah Elizabeth. Herbert married Frances Mary Yaxley in Australia & they had 2 children Miriam Gertrude & Irene Francis. John & Sarah had 4 children Mary Ann, Kate, Albert John "Jack" & Herbert. John born 11/2/1870 Essex, married Martha Charlotte...
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    Mary O'Brien

    There is a Mary O'Brien (no DOB) with father Henry 1834-1894, no mother listed, and unknown Beagan as spouse. There is also a Mary, parents are Henry Alexander & Martha Wark. Do you have any other info- middle name etc? b00kie:)
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    Leonard Burgess c1920.

    There is a tree on line with your Leonard - would you like me to send a e-mail to the owner & have them contact you? If so, send me your e-mail via PM. I think the info you want on aunts & uncles is in that tree. b00kie:)
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    Leonard Burgess c1920.

    Hi Leonard James Burgess DOB 4/7/1920, died 6/1990 age 70, Aylesbury Vale Buckinghamshire, vol 19 pg 830. Parents were Joseph Graham Burgess 1876-1957, Rebecca Moore 1874-1966. They married 10/31/1896 & had 12 children. Leonard's spouse is listed as living with 1 living child- no names other...
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    Virus Alert

    Hi, We had the same thing hit one of our computers - it too said it was from Internet Explorer. When you tried to "x" out of it, it would immediately go into a scan. We kept "xing" out of it until it was gone. My anti virsus kept picking it up but it didn't stop it. We finally had to go to...
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    1891 censu look up please

    Do you have parents names? I have found 2 entries- 1 born Blackburn 12/27/87, parents Robert 1859-1911 & Catherine Grimshaw 1862. Also James age 14 on 1901 with mother Elizabeth (widow). b00kie
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    Best internet sites

    Hi Michael, And welcome There are several free sites & they are pretty good- as with any info you find, you need to verify it. familysearch.org (LDS site) they have an original data base & a new one they are working on. On the home page, bottom left it says "see millions of records" click on...
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    HELP!! calling all experts!!!

    Hi, Florence May Smith abt 1887 Clarkenwell London, parents Henry George Smith & Louisa Ann Edwards. Married Cornelius born 1885 Clerkenwell London-his parents were Cornelius 1856, Sarah Knowlden 1854. They married 1873 Lambert London. 6 children listed as "living". 1 child- Charles Leoanrd...
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    try this site http://www.houseofnames.com/xq/asp.c/qx/Symonds-coat-arms.htm b00kie
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    HELP!! calling all experts!!!

    Do you have the parents names and/or area they lived in? How old is the gentleman you are trying to help? Did he know his parents? We need a little more info. welcome b00kie