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    families on passenger lists - always together?

    Hi I am trying to find my great Granda and Grandmother and their first child on passenger lists from the UK to Canada in 1912 or 1913. I can not find them at all but I have noticed that on some of the lists I can see what looks like a wife travelling alone - was this normal? Am I looking at...
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    help with reading a doc please

    Hi I want to request a birth cert for my Great Granda on my dad's side and I can't read the page no to request it. Can you look at Births for Robert (Hilton) Percival - date of - Oct,Nov,Dec in 1902. I have the 10a 10?? but can't read the page No fully. thanks Lisa
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    can't find marriage, please help

    Hi, I have been looking for the marriage of my Great, Great, Great grandparents and have found nothing. I don't understand why i can't see it. He was a chief of police in Derby so I am assuming he would have been married if he put it down on a census and birth certificates of his children...
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    ages on marriage certificates

    Hello Can anyone help me please. I two marriage certificates and a birth certificate for the same person but her age on the marriage certificates is wrong. On her first marriage she should be 19 but it says 21 and on the second marriage she should be 33 but is down as 30. She was older than...
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    hello - so pleased to meet you all

    Hi My name is Lisa and I am researching my family history on my Granda's side of the family as something he wanted me to do. I am find it addictive but also a bit tricky. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be most welcome. My granda has a story from the family that he...