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    Online Family tree builders

    When I first started this in 2003, I started using Myheritage, but now I am coming back to it, I am finding it really complicated and faffy and I dont like it. I would like to maybe look at another one, but I have over 200 names in Myheritage, so dont want to have to retype everything again. Any...
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    Silvester Henry John Dunn

    I know he was born 1880 in Bridport Dorset. I know his dad was also Silvester Dunn, but have no idea on a mothers name x
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    Need to go from the start again

    After a long break, I am re starting my hunt and I need to re check my information as I now dont think any of it is correct Can some one do me a 1891 census on Silvester Henry John Dunn born 1880. He should be living in Bridport Dorset and his fathers name is also Silvester. I know from...
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    This is a real stab in the dark..does anyone on here have....

    A samsung tocco lite?? Im trying to figure out how to do something,which i now dont think is even possible :D and if its not its really :mad: In the schedular you can set up a recurring event,but it doesnt show on the schedule list.You get the date you added the event,with a little recurring...
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    Onto Parish records..this is where I get lost...

    Census's and IGI i can cope with,easy to use,but I get completely lost when it comes to using parish records to look up births etc.Can someone give me an idiots guide please :p This is one I want to look for..Joseph Rodgers b 1804 North Bierley which I believe having used google comes under...
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    Any ideas how we could begin to fill in the gaps??

    There has always been bit of a mystery surrounding my great grandfather Charles Rodgers.We know he was born 1885 in Heckmondwike,but there was no father listed on his birth certificate.What follows now is based on probability,but we think its is fairly accurate.His birth certficate shows his...
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    John Stevenson

    Im looking for the parents of my great great grandfather. His name is John Stevenson.We have him born 1832 in Chelsea and he died about 1876 in fulham.He was married to Elisabeth.Dont know if this helps,but 1861 census shows in living at 20 Camera Terrace Chelsea x
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    Marriage details

    Looking for a marriage between a Richard Jefford and Rebecca (not sure of her maiden name) would be somewhere around 1824-1825.Possibly in Charlton,but definatly bedfordshire.
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    census look up

    This is it for a while :o Richard Jefford (would have been 35)b 1807 (ish) charlton bed.Married to Rebecca age 33 b 1809 (ish)one daughter deff Ann (would have been two)
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    Census look up please

    Can someone look for a Jerimiah Jefford,born 1847 in houghton regis bedford please,thanks you.
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    Re: Total Brick Wall

    Re: Total Brick Wall I had a total ephiphany at stupid oclock this morning! A few years ago a relative of mine did an igi search for all Jeffords in bedford and a load came up in Houghton Regis!My Jerimiah wasnt on there,but they have to "belong" to the same line dont they?I cant imagine there...
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    Looking for Marriage Jeremaihy Jefford to Mary Ann

    Their oldest child I think was born around 1864/1865 so I would assume Im looking somewhere around 1862 ish??Jeremaihy was born in Hougthon Regis and Im not sure whether he had moved to St Albans yet..so the marriage could possibly be either of those locations.Thanks x
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    1841 census look up please

    Im looking for Alfred Peters.Shoud be around the St Stephens area of Watford.I think he would have been born around 1839/1840 so would be one maybe two at the oldest.Thank you
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    Looking for the brothers and sisters of my husbands great grandfather.He is Ernest Alfred peters,born st stephens (watford) in 1877.To Alfred and Elizabeth.He has 2 brothers Fredrick b 1870/71 William b 1875/6 and a sister Ada born 1874/5 or any family of their father who was Alfred Peters b...
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    Is anyone on here researching the Jefford name?My husbands great grandmother was Lusey/Lucy jefford born 1878 and married to Ernest alfred peters.Her parents were jeremaihy and mary (Jeremaihy was born in bedford in 1847).they had 7 children in total,George,Edwin,Walter,Ellen,William,Lusey and...
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    Total Brick Wall

    I need serious help or advice please. Im looking for my husbands great grandfather.His name is Ernest Alfred Peters born 1878 Aledeham watford.I have found him on the 1881 census,but he is down as a nurse child and the people there cant be his parents..where do I go from here....or is this a...