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    Mary Ann Boden 1811-1873

    Hello This may be a tricky one. Im trying to determine who the paternal & maternal grandparents of my x4 great grandmother Mary Ann Boden may be. Mary Ann was born in 1811 Birmingham the youngest child John Boden & Mary Ann Lowe. Mary Anns other siblings where born 1807 & 1809 in Birmingham...
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    James Evans 1808-1876

    Hi Am trying to determine a little bit more about my x4 great grandfather James Evans 1808-1876. James was born 1808 Monmouthshire Wales to Thomas Evans & Elizabeth (,Betsy) Morgan. James died in 1876 at the Portland (vic) belevolent asylum Recently noticed on James 1870 victorian marraige...
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    Robert Smith b 1822 Glasgow

    Hello Im trying to determine who the parents of my x3 great grandfather Robert Smith b 1822 Glasgow may be. Robert died 1899 Casterton Victoria Australia. Unfortunately his death cert doesnt name them. Robert was convicted of theft in 1842 & transported to Van Diemans Land (Tasmania) on the...
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    Henry Maunder b. 1804

    Im trying to track my 4th great uncle Henry Maunder b. 1804 Cullumpton Devon. Henrys parents are William Maunder & Maria Andrews, while his wife was Harriett Stocker. Henry was transported to NSW in 1839 on the Barossa for sheep stealing. He served 7 years of a 14 year sentence. After his...
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    corrigan northern ireland

    Ive recently discovered via dna my Irish side has somewhere married into the Corrigan Family in Fermanagh Northern Ireland. Wondering if anyone is able to see if any of the following surnames has married into this family. Martin, Cassidy, Bleakley and Breslin. Apart from their names I have no...
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    Julia Ann Smith Casterton

    Wondering if i could get a hand looking for my gg grandmothers sister. Julia Ann Smith b. 1866 Casterton Vic (Reg #1117). Dad: Robert Smith Mum; Rachael Evens (different spellings) Have checked to see if she was "adopted" by her mums sister like a few of the others with no luck Currently...
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    robert smith casterton victoria

    Im looking if i can find out to see who my ggg grandfathers parents are. My ggg grandfather was Robert Smith b. 1822 Glasgow Scotland & died 1899 Casterton Victoria. According to his death certificate he spent 44 years in victoria & 7 years before that in Tasmania (convict maybe?). Cant find...
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    Martha Turner Maunder - Devon

    Im looking to see if anyone can help me find out who my 4th great grandparents are. My 3rd great grandmother was Martha Turner who married Thomas Maunder & had my gg grandfather George Maunder who where originally from around Crediton victoria. Martha would have been born very early 1800s I...
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    Charles Henry Harton

    Im trying to locate my great grandmothers missing older 1/2 brother Charles Henry Harton. Born 1870 Tarnagulla victoria (spelt as Horton on bdm vic) Dad: Benjamin Harton Mum: Eliza Lewis Think he might have travelled to WA & NSW as either crew or a passenger
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    Cassidy Family Fermanagh

    Hello Im trying to track my great x3 Irish grandparents James Cassidy & Rose Breslin (birth & death unknown) Their daughter Margaret Cassidy Martin b. 1830ish is my great great grandmother They come from Fermanagh Ireland particularly around Corrard, Enniskillen & Maquiresbridge. Margaret...
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    smiths of casterton vic

    Im looking to see what became of my gg grandmothers siblings. Arthur Smith b. 1880 Casterton Vic Sarah Smith b. 1865 Casterton Vic Julia Ann Smith b. 1866 Casterton Vic John Smith b. 1876 Casterton Vic Their parents are Robert Smith (1822-1899) & Rachel/Rachael Evans/Evens (different...
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    Gallagher Family

    Im looking to see what might have become of my gg grandpas step children (i suspect they are biologically his) Im looking for what became of Ethel Gallagher b. 1891 Richmond victoria Louisa Gallagher b. 1892 Carlton victoria. Louisa has 2 birth certificates one under surname of Hewson & the...
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    Lewis family

    Im looking for info on what happened to my gg grandmothers siblings. In particular im looking for Edwin/Edward Lewis b. circa 1843 Ospridge Kent Jane Ann Lewis b. circa 1840 Ospridge Kent William Lewis b. circa 1840 Ospridge Kent. They arrived in SA then settled in the Dunolly/Tarnagulla of...
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    Catherine Mckenna b. 1860

    I know this is a bit of a long shot but im trying to find a missing family member. Catherine Mckenna b. 1860 Linl victoria australia (surname spelt as mckinnon on birth, death & marraiges victoria). Also known as Kate Her parents are mary tyrell & james mckenna. Wondering if anyone can find...
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    Thomas Maunder Heavintree Devon

    Hi was wondering if someone could help me? Just discovered my gg grandfather has another brother. Thomas maunder b. approx 1841 heavintree devon. His parents are thomas maunder sr & martha maunder (maunder) He shows up on a few early census records & vanishes. Looking to see who he married &...
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    Maunder Heavintree Devon

    Hi im looking for help with my gg grandfathers sisters. Mary Jane Maunder b. circa 1833 Heavintree Devon Ellen Maunder b. circa 1850 Heavintree devon Parents Thomas Maunder & Martha Maunder (nee maunder) Mary & Ellen show up on a few census records then vanish. Some of their siblings came to...
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    Jane Johnson/Lewis 1815

    Hi im trying to track down my ggg grandmother Jane Johnson b. around 1814 in kensington london. She married William/George lewis and had numerous kids with him before arriving in south australia minus her husband. She died in 1899 in tarnagulla victoria. Her obituary says she had a 3rd...
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    jane bleakley fermanagh

    i was wanting to get info on my great great great grandmother Jane bleakley if possible She would have been born in either enniskillen, fermanagh , corrand or maquiresbridge. She married patrick martin in about 1824 and would have died before 1857 which is when he came to australia a widower...
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    Margaret cassidy martin fermanagh

    i was wanting to get info on my great great grandmother Margaret cassidy 1830 - 1899. Her parents where a james cassidy and rose breslin. She would have been born in either enniskillen, fermanagh , corrand or maquiresbridge. She married John martin in about 1853 and came to australia on queen...
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    Patrick martin of fermanagh north ireland

    im trying to find out who my great great great grandfathers parents & siblings where. All i know is my great x3 grandfather was Patrick martin b. circa 1798 in either fermanagh, maguiresbridge or enniskillen and died in 1871 in Inglewood victoria australia. He married Jane Bleakley in circa 1824...