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Search results

  1. davelambert271

    misleading instructions?

    I bought myself new deodorant stick today the instructions said - remove cap and push up bottom I can now hardly walk but there's a lovely perfume every time I pass wind
  2. davelambert271

    WW2 calendar

    I found this letter from King George Vl to a schoolboy of the time, and thought it may be of interest. The calendar on the reverse may also be useful
  3. davelambert271

    Desmond Windsor b1942

    Can anyone with Aussie records find anything on the above please possibly migrated 1967 or later, died Aus 2013 aged 71 dsve
  4. davelambert271

    William Lambert

    I have always been stumped with William, my Gt Gt Grandfather. I cannot find his birth, nor his parents Initially I thought I had found his parents and included them on my tree on A. I later doubted this and removed them, but someone had already copied the info, and now they are on all the...
  5. davelambert271

    missingg Nellie Mann (nee Somerville)

    Hi Can anyone help me find Nellie Somerville pre her marriage in 1888 and as Nellie Mann after 1891 also her father James Somerville, publican she married Herbert Mann 60 boatman, in 1888 her mother was Sarah Lee nee Mann b1842 she was born in 1870 at Edinburgh according to the 1891 census...
  6. davelambert271

    George Pickard

    I am trying to find info about a George Pickard born c1889 for a friend I know his father was George, he married a Lydia Harrison in Hunslet Leeds in 1916 and was killed in July 1917 in France army no 306730 and 7089 His records are on...
  7. davelambert271

    George PICKARD

    George Pickard was born 1888/1890. He married Lydia Harrison in Hunslet Leeds on 27/1/1916 aged 26 (1890) and was a Soldier. His father was George, a highway foreman, On the transcribed C0mmonwealth graves site he was born 1888 and died 31/7/1917 can anyone expand this info with regard to...
  8. davelambert271

    secret leeds

    I thought you may be interested in this unusual site giving all sorts of topics about Leeds, Yorkshire Edit, Link added after post No 2 http://secretleeds.com/
  9. davelambert271

    Clocks back

    Don't forget to put your clocks back an hour tonight (Sat 25th) in the UK If you have trouble remembering which way try spring forward, fall back dave
  10. davelambert271

    a Census poem

    CENSUS It was the first day of the census and all through the land each pollster was ready, a black book in hand. He mounted his horse for a long dusty ride, his books and his quills were tucked by his side. She gave him some water as they sat at the table and she answered his questions, the...
  11. davelambert271

    Scotlands People

    Scottish Valuation Rolls (VRs) for 1875 are now available on the ScotlandsPeople website. For the first time, the index is Free to Search and can be browsed free of charge until the 31st December 2014.
  12. davelambert271

    William Thompson

    I need some help please I am looking for the birth and parents of William Thompson, I have very limited info What I know is he married in Mar qtr 1935 in Leeds North to Mary Elizabeth Boagey and I think had siblings Bertha, Ruth and Ada. at some time the family lived at Pogson Cottage, Coal...
  13. davelambert271


    one for our ausie friends https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQ9JH4CeSlo
  14. davelambert271

    RAF records

    John Bell S.A.C S1941686 born Derby 1945. Does anyone know where records are kept? He served in the RAF for many years, may still be alive and I thought perhaps on a pension. If so would they have an address and 2ndly would they divulge it. dave
  15. davelambert271

    Census poem

    I found this on the net Genealogy It was the first day of census and all through the land each pollster was ready, a black book in hand. He mounted his horse for a long dusty ride, his books and his quills were tucked close by his side. A long dusty ride down a road barely there, toward...
  16. davelambert271

    William Lambert

    I have this marriage transcription Norfolk, Wayland District, Besthorpe, Marriages (Parish Register), 1817 The original regsiters are in the care of the NRO, from whom copies on fiches may be pruchased. The registers may also be seen on microfilm at Mormon Church (LDS) centres Transcribed...
  17. davelambert271


    It is a pleasure to welcome Barbarajoh and Horse to the moderator team. Barbara and Geoff are well known on the forum, having already helped many members in their search for problem rellies. Their knowledge will help keep the site as one of the best family history sites on the web. On behalf...
  18. davelambert271

    Thomas Foster 1817 Lincolnshire

    Hi - I have a problem with his parents. Thomas married Sarah Ann Thompson in 1846 census 1851 - HO107-2364-320-15 Cordwainer 1861 - RG9-3600-80-8 Shoemaker/Inn keeper 1871 - RG10-4799-118-9 Licence Victualer He was born in Twigmore (near Messingham) Lincolnshire, but moved to Burton Pidsea...
  19. davelambert271

    changes to FMP

    'The findmypast site is moving to a new technology platform – a bit like moving house, it will be taking most things with it, but leaving behind the things that are old and out of date. Instead of bringing them with us, we'll be replacing them with new, improved features and even more records...
  20. davelambert271

    poorly computer

    Anyone any ideas, is my computer without a paddle. I have another computer which when switched on it starts loading windows, then clicks, goes blank then starts reloading again, and again and so on,,,,,,,,,,,,,, dave