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    Can't find birth place in Scotland or fathers real name

    Hi, Some of you have been incredibly helpful in finding information about my ancestors that I couldn't and I need you again. I was looking for my great-grandmother (Ann MacPherson born circa 1838/39/40 in Scotland) and found her, but could not find her further back than 1865 when she married...
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    Can't find birth place or informations

    Hi, I got help in here a few months ago that gave me a lot to work with, but unfortunately I am in a blind alley again. I'm investigating marriage and birth of my great grand parents. Maybe I'm lucky that someone in here can give me a new push in the right direction. I have found that my...
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    Help with names and other knowledge.

    Hi, new here and new too all this family search. As told in presentation my English is rusty because I'm from Denmark, but my relatives on my grandmothers side is English, North England and maybe Scotland too. I was told to make a new thread and ask for help and informations about what I know...
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    Hi every one. I am new here and new to family research. I live in Denmark but my grandmother was from England, she married a danish man married and they moved to Denmark when my mother was 14 at, about 1960. I am stuck in my search. It is very difficult because I often find only surnames and not...