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    I am searching for the name of William Tinwell who was the author of the book 'A treatise of practical arithmetic and book keeping'. He married a woman who's maiden name was 'Wilkie'. His books were published in the early 1800's. William was probably born in Scotland circa 1780 and had a son...
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    Kate Broadbent/Walker or Linfoot

    Hi Carol By looking up family the family tree it appears that Kate Broadbent was my fathers ( Victor Merritt Broadbent) sister. Their mother was Anne Broadbent. Hope this helps in some way. Regards Phil
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    carol Sime (nee broadbent) age 40's once married to Paul Careford

    Hi Carole Sime is my niece and was once married to Paul Careford (deceased). She moved to Cyprus with her parents -my brother David Victor Broadbent and sister-in-law Maria (nee Stavrou). I lost contact with all 26 years ago but believe they are still in Cyprus. It would be great to know if all...
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    Hi Dave Yes please send my email address to the owner of the tree. many thanks again for your help Phil
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    Hi Dave Huge thanks for the pic of my grandmother Annie Spark Broadbent. Many photos of my family have been lost over the years so this pic I value very much (quite emotional actually). Maybe you can tell me if its possible to contact the original enquirer to these threads (broadbent) who was...
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    Dear Davelambert and Oznannie Many thanks for your information to my enquiry. Oznannie, I didn't Know my step-grandfather's full name or when he married my grandmother. Maybe now I can find out who the original enquirer is and help him know about the family. Regards Phil (finder)
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    Hi My father was Victor Merritt Broadbent and my mother was Annie Louise. My grandmother was Annie Broadbent who gave birth to my father in Clapton Mothers Hospital on 20 July 1919. Before I give more information I am interested in knowing a little more about you and who your mother and father...
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    past enquiry

    hello I noted that in 2008 someone has enquired about victor merrit broadbent. i am new to the site so I have only just seen this. I believe I can help with this.