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  1. AEConsultant

    Volunteering during World War Two

    Hi, I am trying to obtain some more information about my nana who worked as a volunteer nurse in London during the Blitz in the Second World War. I am not sure of the hospital where she worked, all I know is that she worked in London, before returning home after the war. Any advice would be...
  2. AEConsultant

    3 years since my last post. Anyone new ?

    Hi Alan, Is there any possibility that the family moved away for a short period, perhaps to another country? This has happened in our family tree, our ancestors are recorded as having married, and lived in Kent in 1909, but when the 1911 census was taken, no trace of them. I believe that they...
  3. AEConsultant

    How did you get 'addicted' to Family History / Gen

    Hi, I became interested in family history, after my mum saw a feature on the local news about the unveilling of a commemorative plaque in the local town hall. About halfway down the plaque she noticed the name of her great grandfather. So, we contacted the council and we were informed that...
  4. AEConsultant

    Family History Stories

    Hi, Thanks very much for all the advice. There were some things that I hadn't thought of, so thanks again. Kind Regards, :)
  5. AEConsultant

    Family History Stories

    Hi, I just wanted to ask a little advice if I could, in relation to a family history research story. Would there be a market for family history stories, whereby research could be written up from individual research, in the form of a family history story or biography. Is this something that...
  6. AEConsultant

    Mystery House

    Hi, Many Thanks for those links and the information. My dad has seen a picture of the house a long time ago though, but he might be able to recognise it. Thank you very much for your help!
  7. AEConsultant

    Mystery House

    Hi, My nanna mentioned some time ago, that her branch of the family (Brown's) did once own a large house, which she believed to have been up in Northumberland in the 1800s. However, I am a little unsure of how to go about tracing the house. The family were also particularly wealthy at the...
  8. AEConsultant


    Hi, I'm Rachael and have been researching my family tree for a few years now, I would like to set up as a professional genealogist one day, perhaps sometime in the future. I have researched my family tree and found relatives in the USA, Canada, Italy and ancestors from Ireland and around the...