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  1. Flora1966

    Hi everyone

    Hi and welcome to the forum....
  2. Flora1966

    Nice to Join You!

    Hi welcome to the forum....
  3. Flora1966


    Hi Merlin welcome to the forum.....
  4. Flora1966


    Hi Paul... welcome to the forum....
  5. Flora1966

    Introduce myself

    Hi welcome to the site...
  6. Flora1966

    Introducing myself.

    Hi welcome to the forum....
  7. Flora1966

    Hello - I'm New!

    Hello and welcome to the forum.....
  8. Flora1966

    G'day from Australia

    Hi welcome to the forum... Jules..
  9. Flora1966

    hi, just joined today

    Hi welcome to the forum.... Jules..
  10. Flora1966

    How did you amuse yourself as a child

    The good old days, when life was simple...We used to play 44 save all, hopscotch, cowboys and indians, go to the park or the beach, rollerskate and skateboarding...:)
  11. Flora1966

    Re: Introduction

    Re: Introduction Hi Dave, welcome to the forum....
  12. Flora1966

    Yes or No?

  13. Flora1966

    Brother and sister's offspring marry each other

    My cousins are married to eachother...They have been married about 8yrs but dont have any children together... Jules
  14. Flora1966

    from somerset

    Hi Libby.. welcome to the forum..
  15. Flora1966


    Hi Gilbert.. welcome to the forum..
  16. Flora1966

    New to familyhistory Uk

    Hi Yvonne welcome to FHUK...
  17. Flora1966


    Hi Leah welcome to FHUK....
  18. Flora1966

    An introduction from a newbie

    Hi Amanda welcome to the forum....
  19. Flora1966

    Can someone date this photo please

    Thanks Dave....
  20. Flora1966

    Can someone date this photo please

    Would someone be able to date this photo please, It is an unknown member of my Hall family from Folkestone...I believe it maybe Ann Hall who died in 1886... Thank you Jules x