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    Burial for Alice (Bull) Lyons

    Hi. I have promised a lady I had been got in touch with and told her I hopefully will find her grandmother’s burial as she can’t remember where Alice buried. Alice was related to Mary Ann Stubbings which was my Dad’s great Auntie but Alice was an illegitimate child and had same mother though...
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    Union Workhouse in Kirkham

    Hi. Don't know if this is in right place or not but if you think it isn't in right place and move it. :-) I just got in touch with a lady yesterday in related to her family but it is part of my family. Right I want to know - Is there any records for this workhouse? Also a bit more...
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    Treazer/Teresa Surname Unknown

    I just have contacted them before seen this! They will help me with this,because of difficulties to find a parish that Tersea would be born in but knowing that she born in Branston. I will send the details to Staffordshire Record Office tonight to provide the information and they will help me...
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    Treazer/Teresa Surname Unknown

    Hello all. I have contacted St Saviour's Parish in Branston as they are in Burton On Trent where I lives currently for Treazer which I wanted to find her surname which is proved to be really difficult. I have been to Burton Library but they don't hold records before 1933! eek)eek)eek) so they...
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    James Gray's marriage

    Hello all. I need a help here, to find their marriage records. I have got a James Gray that born in 1823 ish in Willington Derbyshire and I suspected that he married in Willington to Treazer (possibly Teresa) she was born in Branston in 1824 and couldn't really find the records on Ancestry...
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    Alice Bull Stubbings

    Wow what a lot of information since I last checked in. Thank you I just check the power of facebook to see if two McCarthy kids on there - no luck at the moment. :-(
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    Alice Bull Stubbings

    Thank you... I'll wait to hear from you Gibbo. Have a nice day.
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    Alice Bull Stubbings

    I just wondering also, wether if they have a child or children then how can I find out? My dad seems keen to know if there is any that living in derby or their children?
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    Alice Bull Stubbings

    Ah thanks Gibbo. Is that possible Alice being born before the parents married? So she was named as Alice Bull before amend her surname to Stubbings? I am wondering if the surname that has been amended but not registered her as a Stubbings when the parents has been married? This is an...
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    Alice Bull Stubbings

    Can you show me this record? I have been trying to find an electoral roll but to no avail.
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    Alice Bull Stubbings

    It might be her. Thanks. I just don't understand to why Sarah put Bull in some children's middle name.
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    Alice Bull Stubbings

    Hi all. I would like your help on this case. I am working on Stubbings family also if you have any further information about them please do post as well. I am currently looking into this person. She goes by the name is Alice Bull Stubbings but couldn't find her anywhere on Ancestry apart...
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    A will of Edith Olive Boulton

    Hello. I recently used 2 weeks free trial on Ancestry.co.uk and came across a will that show up on a hint. I cant view it unless I become a subscription member! Could you check that out for me? Edith Olive Boulton she born on 26th October 1908 in Doncaster, Yorkshire and she died in 1994...
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    I am looking for a guy who was in war any helps?

    I might be able to go to Nottingham and look for that. The link you given, it is not working :-/ Thanks
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    I am looking for a guy who was in war any helps?

    Hello. I am looking for some help or guide will be great appreciated. I have a photo with the name and address on back of the pic it was took. It was given to my granddad and I wanted to know who he was and possible to learn what both of them were doing in the war. My granddad was Clayton...
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    Esther Bosley (Nee Ridgard) 1794

    Hi!!! I just doing some check on Bosley family and I came across this couple of censuses where I saw a child was her grandson but cant work out who was he belong to.... Okay - Esther Bosley, Hartington Derbyshire in census 1851 was with William Bosley and they had 8 grandchildren live with...
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    Edward Bosley 1833c-1904 Hartington Derbyshire UK

    Hello again. Could you help me with this.... I have been up to Derbyshire to Hartington and Biggin to visit the Parish. Unfortunately no one in the church that would give me the information to where Bosleys buried. I found only one in the folder on the shelves my Mum shown me. Can you...
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    Edward Bosley 1833c-1904 Hartington Derbyshire UK

    Wow, thank you so much for those information, that proved to be difficult with the surname Bosley! Will continue research on that. Just wondered if you could do me a tiny favour? I don't want to create another thread that is relating to this family anyway. To find George Wain that born in...
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    Edward Bosley 1833c-1904 Hartington Derbyshire UK

    I am searching for him and his family, my mum and my auntie went up to Biggins/Hartington in Derbyshire yesterday to visit their cousin to talk about Wain/Bosley family and show them the gravestones that I have few photos sent to me from my auntie this morning. Okay, Here goes, Edward Bosley...
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    Strong family

    Hello all!! :) Hope you had a good new year?? Anyway, I am starting up researching on this family to see where they came from. I received a birth cert for Margaret Reed which was my g-g-g-g-grandma, and found out that her mum called Tamar ( I never heard of this name until I came across...