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  1. JeffAlvey

    RAF,WW2 question

    A bit far out this one but: WWr usually suggests widower.
  2. JeffAlvey

    Locating a residence in a village of an ancestor.

    It's not the Red Lion Street between: Theobald's Road (to the north) and Chancery Lane (to the south) then ? https://www.google.com/maps/place/Red+Lion+St,+United+Kingdom/@51.5179317,-0.1170521,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x48761b4a0c01083b:0x9878affb4d93478d
  3. JeffAlvey

    Richard III - service of reinterment

    Just in case you haven't seen it: Over the next five days in a five-day extravaganza, Britain will watch enthralled as Richard III is laid to rest :D Here is a link giving details: (I hope it works!!!)...
  4. JeffAlvey

    Hi All.

    Hello neighbor,welcome What's the weather like over there? It's chilly over here.:o Jeff
  5. JeffAlvey

    What am I.

    A thingie used by doctors to hold the patients tongue down (?) Could be carried in his bag, and in the tube didn't get bits of fluff or old sweet papers stuck to it.
  6. JeffAlvey

    Nationality - by default

    Picky-picky-picky !!! I knew that (the rarebit bit), not then but now, BUT as a little lad it was rabbit to me. [end of tongue in cheek "snooty Englishman lobbing bricks over Offa's Dyke"]. :2fun:
  7. JeffAlvey

    Nationality - by default

    A bit like Welsh Rabbit. (think of the three types of it: 1./ Little furry animal 2./ Welsh chattering 3./ Cheese on toast) I very well remember in the 1950's being VERY disappointed when I ordered number 3. above, as a child in a cafe with my Mum and Dad [thinking it would be some sort of...
  8. JeffAlvey

    Introducing myself.

    Come on now boy-O - that's an easy one: There's Jones the bride and Jones the Groom :2fun:
  9. JeffAlvey

    An OOOH - AAAH Moment!

    Some people can park horses better than cars: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152390537413254 Enjoy !
  10. JeffAlvey

    You and the galaxy

    That went down well with me bacon sandwich - did like the punch line. A great post Gibbo - ta muchly.
  11. JeffAlvey

    Keep Fit While Researching

    Being primarily a sedentary hobby, researchers should make the effort to maintain their well being. So I have taken the liberty of providing a simple, but effective, short course of exercise which I recommend members use. [In moderation of course]
  12. JeffAlvey

    The registrar

    ... and would add to that some of the Census transcribers as well. I was looking for my GGF's family - found him O.K. - but he was on hid own. NO SIGN of the wife or children! (which I knew he had or else I wouldn't be here!! :o) So I searched under the wife's maiden name ... and there she was...
  13. JeffAlvey

    Elizabeth Alvey

    No need to be sorry - at least I can console myself that your eyesight is no better than mine - (he he he!) Thanks anyway. Jeff
  14. JeffAlvey

    Elizabeth Alvey

    I have a copy of H.O. 107/21344for Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire. Number 77 lists the family of Joseph Alvey. Elizabeth is listed as a daughter aged 9 BUT i can't make out what it says in the occupation column. Any suggestions ? Thanks, Jeff
  15. JeffAlvey

    Happy birthday lee

    Hash bee birsh day (hic) Just having a quick drinky-poo to celebrate it for you (hic - burp) and a quick bacon sarnie to soak up some of the booze. Have (or - hope you had) a good one Jeff
  16. JeffAlvey

    ALVEY cousins ?

    Yes Julie it was - (I must have had a senior moment there leaving it out :(!) I have most of the detail of Joseph b. 1857 and his family - it is my line via another Samuel.
  17. JeffAlvey

    ALVEY cousins ?

    Hi Guys/Gals, I'm looking in 1891 for the parents/families of: Samuel ALVEY b.reg Dec 1/4 Hackney LDN and Ethel Jane ALVEY b.reg Sec 1/4 1886 Maylebone MDX I believe the families at least knew each other if not directly related. Samuel may have been known as Samuel Herman or Samuel Harman...
  18. JeffAlvey

    How others see Australia

    I always thought that Australia was the largest island in the New Zealand chain. (runs and ducks for cover!)
  19. JeffAlvey

    Bread Tales

    You've been at the Christmas sherry again haven't you. ^-^ [Had a quiet chuckle though]
  20. JeffAlvey


    What they all said !!! Seriously though - Sincere congratulations. A nice Christmas present.