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Search results

  1. Minden

    Thomas Hawkins 1829

    I'm looking for birth information regarding a Thomas Hawkins. He was a labourer around Worcester (Hanley Castle/Malvern/Leigh) from 1861-1881. I believe his father was also called Thomas, and his mother was Sarah Price, but I've lost the source of that data :rolleyes: . He gives his place of...
  2. Minden

    Copying from Genes Reunited

    What is the best software for me to use, if I want to copy my family tree from Genes Reuinited onto my PC? Is that even possible, or am I going to have to re-enter everything?
  3. Minden

    Garstang Parish Records

    Does anyone have a copy of, or access to, the Garstang Parish Records? I am looking for info regarding the family/families of an Isaac Gibson, b. around 1650. According to the IGI he had two sons, John and Henry, and I want to know where he came from, and if he had a son called Cuthbert, born...
  4. Minden

    James Dalton, Trafalgar veteran

    I'm trying to find out about a James Dalton, who was at Trafalgar on HMS Mars. He was 12 years old at the time, and we know he was from Manchester. According to the IGI there are 2 alternative James', one christened 13JAN1793 (in Manchester), parents Thomas and Martha, and the other...
  5. Minden

    Pictures of historic costumes

    I'm looking for pictures of historic costumes to use in my family history book. The idea is to photoshop my boy's and girl's faces onto the pictures of people in the costumes of the ages and places where their ancestors are from, to make it look a bit as if these were people they might have...
  6. Minden

    Accessing service records

    I want to gain access to someone's RAF service records, for WW1 and after. Unfortunately I can only get them if I am related. I won't know if I'm related until I get the records... Doea anyone have any ideas on how to square this circle (short of lying, I thought of that by myself ;) ) Thanks.
  7. Minden

    Comedy names

    On an idle moment I wondered through ancestry looking for people who were lumbered with comedy names. I found a couple of ladies called Iris Stew, and quite a few blokes called Ben Down. While there are lots of ruder ones to be found, has anyone found relatives with unfortunate names? :p
  8. Minden

    Trafalgar veteran; what did he do next?

    One of my ancestors, a James Dalton of Manchester, fought as a ship's boy on HMS Mars at Trafalgar. The next I find of him is in the Lancashire Lunatic Asylum in 1841, described as a 'patient; sailor'. Does anyone have any idea how to find out what he did in the interim period? Do ships...
  9. Minden

    Mary Mahoney from Cork

    Is it possible to find information relating to a Mary Mahoney from Cork, b. 1806 ish (she's a bit vague in the 1841, probably more accurate in the 1851 census). I found a Mary Mahoney from Killmurray b. 1806 in the IGI, but would there be any other records surviving that are more complete? I...
  10. Minden

    Cuthberts in Lancashire

    Does anyone have any idea how common (or not) the Christian name Cuthbert was in Lancashire in the 1690's? My family trail dies out with Cutbert/Cudbert Gibson in Burnley in 1695. My guess is that he moved there from the North-East, but that's just guesswork. Oh, and I claim my prize for this...
  11. Minden

    Death certificates; what's the use?

    I rarely use death certificates in my fmily history search, because they seem so hit-and-miss. Usually I don't care when people died, anyway. At the moment I'm hunting around the 1890's-1910's, and my relatives might have died then, but might not. I have suitable names on ancestry, but I'm...
  12. Minden

    Henry Gibson; immortal??

    I can't find a death record for Henry Gibson, b. 1848 in Blackburn, but lived most of his life in Bolton. I've tried ancestry, Lancs BMD, Lancs OPC and others. His wife was from Yorkshire, so he may have died on a visit to her family, I suppose (near Upleatham). He was still living in 1906...
  13. Minden

    Female painter in 1901

    My great aunt is described as a painter (artist) in the 1901 census. At the time she was a 20-year old unmarried woman, living as a boarder in a house in Blackpool. Does anyone have any idea what the likelihood is that she was actually an artist, or might she have made a living in a less...
  14. Minden

    Post-1901 on-line research

    Does anyone have any tips on how to research family members from 1901 to the present day (ish)? I'm trying to see if my great-grandfather has any other living descendants, and I'm reduced to guesswork on bmd records.
  15. Minden

    Long story, big request

    Pretty early on in my family history search I found a whole new branch to my family, which I had never heard of. My great grandfather Henry Gibson (b. 1848 in Blackburn, living in Bolton by 1901) had two families, one with 5 children, and a later one with only my grandfather. Until last year I...
  16. Minden

    Lancashire roots

    Hello to all here! My family history is nearly complete (in the most important areas), but there are plenty of mysteries I'd like to solve; perhaps you can help. I'm the first one in my direct family NOT to have been born with a day's walk of Blackburn since around 1690, so I'm letting the...