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Search results

  1. csi=grissum

    Help on working out a surname

    Hi all Is there SKS who could help me on working out what this surname is please, Elizabeth ? Thank you for your time and trouble, sorry if I am in the wrong category Merry Xmas Kim
  2. csi=grissum

    Marriage look up please

    Hi All I amlooking for a marriage for someone who does not have access to internet they are looking for the marriage of their grandparents Jane Stamp & Henry Curd, going by what they said I reckon the marriage would be from 1915 onwards. I am sorry I do not have anything else as they do not...
  3. csi=grissum

    Census lookup please

    Hi all I am trying to find the location of where my great grandparents came from so that I can try to find them on the 1851 & 41 census with their parents and siblings if any. They are George Lewis bn c1834 he is down on the 71 & 81 census as Rochester & Peckham Kent Ann Lewis bn c1839 just...
  4. csi=grissum

    1841 Census lookup please

    Hi I was wondering if SKS could possibly look up for me a John Dickson/Dixon bn c1813 possibly poplar and his wife if they are married then, her single name Elizabeth Spooner bn c1819 Aldgate/Poplar If they were not married perhaps they are with their parents and siblings. Thank you very...
  5. csi=grissum

    Robert & Mary Stower

    Hi all I was wondering if SKS could possibly look up a Robert Stower bn c1821 Puckington Dorset/Somerset with his wife Mary bn c1816 Puckington Dorset/Somerset they had 2 daughters Elizabeth bn c1838 Caroline bn c1840 and also any other childrend they may have had. Also I have in the 1841...
  6. csi=grissum

    George Lewis Look Up

    Hi Could SKS please look up a George Lewis bn c1835 Peckham, Kent, sorry I do not have his parents names, I'm hoping this look up request will help me. Thank you for your time and trouble Kim
  7. csi=grissum

    Looking for Nicholas & Elizabeth Tucker

    Hi I am looking for Nicholas Tucker bn 1782 Sheerness Kent Elizabeth Tucker bn c1787 Sheerness Kent and whoever else is with them Thank you for your time & trouble :biggrin: Kim
  8. csi=grissum

    Joseph & Sarah Bilbe lookup please

    Hi to all I was wondering if SKP would have a look and see if my 2 are still alive on the census, I don't really have much info on them, they are Joseph Bilbe bn around 1780 maybe Kent area and wife Sarah Bilbe nee Weekes bn around same time. Sorry I can't give any more info. Thanks for...