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    Can't save census records

    :) I had the same problem and no matter what I did I couldn't resolve it. In the end I bought a usb stick and I save all my ancestry stuff to that, it works a treat:biggrin: Hope that helps? Madmummy:D
  2. M

    How to Index Family History Reports using FTM or do I buy a new programme?

    :)When I first started doung my Family Tree on the computer I used Generations 8 and found that when I made up reports I got an index page at the front which made going through and checking/ adding data easy. (I always use my reprts to add research to before inputting onto the computer!) I also...
  3. M

    How did you get 'addicted' to Family History / Gen

    Well..........................I started because my dad kept telling us that he was related to Oliver Cromwell. As a little girl I can remember being quite miffed that he was never King and so I wasn't a Princess:'( Anyway, when I moved to Wiltshire in the early 80's and before the internet I...
  4. M


    Hi All, I am looking for anybody with these surnames or variants in their trees, especially if they are in the Berkshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire regions. However, I do know that they are well spread out from these areas and have even gone to USA and Australia so don't let that be a hindrance to...
  5. M

    Hello all!

    Thanks for the friendly welcome all! The username is appropiate as I have 6 children :D and at times I feel I must have been mad:biggrin: Thanks again, Madmummy
  6. M

    Hello all!

    Hello All, I am new to the forum and am hoping that by joining I can take my paternal line back further. My maiden name was Ierston which has changed over the years from Irestone/Ireston/Ireson and has also been transcribed as Hireston/Hirestone/Jerston/Perston/Treson/Freson to name but a few. I...