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  1. sue ault

    missing harrington family

    Hello All, Can I please ask for some help, I am trying to find a Jeremiah harrington and his wife Mary ann. Jeremiah was born 1840 southwark but he obviously did not know he was born here because he all ways puts london. His wife mary Ann was born Ireland. Jeremiah is my x 2 grandfather and I...
  2. sue ault

    Missing Sister

    Hello all, long time since i have been on the site can i ask for some advice please. My grandmother was a victorian lady born 1886, Lee lewisham, kent. her father charles had previously married a hannah newell and they had 5 children. hannah goes missing by 1881 and charles is with my grt...
  3. sue ault

    Ever so sorry all

    Hi all please forgive me I dont get on here much and want to confess to you all I am not very technical. I have just realised there is a little triangle thingy that tells me of all sorts like private messages etc. Well after all this time I have only just seen it, must be an age thing. So sorry...
  4. sue ault

    Missing Blacksmith

    Helo all, long time no speak. I gave up for a while It was something I needed to do just to get all my apers and any infomation i have collected over the years into some sort of order. It is now done, well sort of. I have a grt x 3rd grandfather jeremiah Harrington. He was possily born 1800 wher...
  5. sue ault

    unknown people

    Helo all, isn't it sad when you are given photo's of family members whom noody knows who they are. I have recently been sent 4 pictures and there is not one member of my family living who knows who the hell these people are. sadly they are in my we will never know folder. I still check now and...
  6. sue ault

    Victorian cross stitch task

    Hello all, Many years ago I purchased a vitorian cross stitch sampler, it was in red so I am assuming it may have been completed in a workhouse. I was told once that workhouses only had the one colour cotton ?. There is a childs name and age and a year on the sampler, I have tried on various...
  7. sue ault

    Not Technical

    Hello all, Well I took my lap top away to derbyshire this weekend and signed into a internet connection that was safe believe it or not. when I got home although I was connected to my BT router I was only working off line. Now you all have to understand this was a travesty for me s I am not...
  8. sue ault

    canadian forces

    hello peeps, Just wondering how I can find a canadian soldier in the 78th grenadier guards, I have a photo of him and a possible name. :D sue x
  9. sue ault

    mackersey family

    Can I please be a pain, I am on a well known site but I have a bit of trouble sometimes finding ancestors now and again on various censuses. I am trying to find a Sarah mackesey married to a patrick. They marry in marylebone in 1866 and i cant find them on a 1871 census. sadly sarah dies aged 35...
  10. sue ault

    missing cousins family

    hello all, I'm struggling to find a Harry (Henry) cousins 1863, battersea. wife- Alice son- charles daughter- Alice son-frederick son-harry son- Arthur The last known address in 1901 was 3 adpar st, marylebone. Harry c cousins was a bricklayer by trade. I have tried cousins, couzens, cousin...
  11. sue ault

    missing mum

    Hi All, My grt parternal grandfather Charles cousins 1840 married a catherine hannah newell in jan 1862 st john westminster. They live in 14 barrossa terr, bethnal green (1864). 1867 battersea,1871 battersea. they have 5 children all living and then catherine disapears?. Charles is left with the...
  12. sue ault

    mackersey family

    Hello all, can anyone help please as im trying to find a patrick and sarah mackersey, both born about 1844. They married 1866 marylebone and sarah died in 1881 she was 32. I cant find them any where in 1871 as im trying to see if they have any children. I have tried various spellings but i am at...
  13. sue ault

    please dont all shout at me

    I dont know if I have mentioned this but I have sent of my fathers birth, marriage and death certificate. I have also sent of my birth to prove I am one of three of his next of kins. I am ever hopeful of obtaining my fathers army records from the 2 nd world war. I have sent the appropiate form...
  14. sue ault

    tank regt

    Im making a right hash of this thread peeps, Gibbo i have replied to your message but my reply doesnt appear so I will re submit it here again. I was on a roll last night this morning my face and brain hasnt woken up yet. My step father james Alfred Digweed 1920 paddington, London. He was in a...
  15. sue ault


    I sat in my study the other day writing down various ancestors details. I have my tree online, but I still like to have it in paper form. It then accured to me who would want to research me and would I be interesting enougth to look for. I know it is different now and there is so much infomation...
  16. sue ault

    Mary Ann Cousins

    Hello Peeps, Well Woke uo early its only just turned 06.51 and been up since 4 am, what a saddo I am. I have a older half sister of my grans and her name is Mary Ann Frances Cousins. Born 1864 Bethnal green, no problem there as I have her birth cert. Only just found her marriage this morning to...
  17. sue ault

    new infomation

    Hi all I have recently found out my grt x3 grandmother Elizabeth's surname is cronin. On the 1851 census for st saviours she is living with chap called michael o'connor. they both give cork as place of birth. Elizabeth is with a jeremiah Harrington possibly from 1830-40. Is there any way I...
  18. sue ault


    Just woundering if some fresh eyes might see what my tired old eyes cant. I have found quite a bit of info on my Harrington family. Elizabeth cronin 1805/11 was with my jeremiah harrington, they were living in st saviours, surrey. I have found a daughter mary abt 1832, Margret 1837 I have a...
  19. sue ault

    Brown women

    Hi All, can I ask a big favour please. I am trying to locate a Elizabeth Eleonor Brown, born about 1828 paddington or Marylebone. She is down on the 1901 marylebone census aged 71 a widow and a sick nurse. I know she dies about 1913 in the Paddington workhouse. Also on the 1901 census she is...
  20. sue ault

    oh sorry all

    I have to admit I am not very technical and I dont always notice things when I should. Have I got this right ? It appears I have posted 115 posts and it says thanks 4, does this mean I have only thanked 4 people for their help. If this is so then im sorry and to everyone who has helped or...