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    Hi all, sorry its taken so long to get back to you. that's life! I've been searching for an ANDREW NEILSON (sic) born 4th February 1781 in Fifeshire, Scotland, possibly around the Kettlebridge /Kingskettle area to a James ILSON and Katherine Scot(t). He married Helen Henderson 15th June...
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    another name for AGNES

    I have gone grey with looking for my gg grandmother Agnes Telford born circa 1800 in Scotland over the last 20 years or so, without success - could she have a different name to Agnes? Would Ann be Agnes? Would she have a completely different name to what is shown in the census? All I know is...
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    Looking for Amelia VELILIA?

    After having so much help on this fantastic site, has anyone heard of this lady or even the surname of VELILIA ? from the Scottish marriage certificate of her son (with this lady as the bridegroom's mother), and after searching on a few websites including Ancestry, the name could well be...
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    James Boniface BURNS info

    Hi all, I have trawled through Scotlands People and various websites including Ancestry's Scottish Census etc looking for a marriage of a James Boniface BURNS who apparently married a Margaret Kenna, most probably between 1900and 1918. It may have been in Govan, Glasgow? Found their son...
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    Enlisting for the AIF from the UK

    Does anyone know whether UK citizens could enlist for the Australian Infantry Forces in WWI ? I have found service records on the National Archives of Australia website for an Angelo Gay and his brother Leander Gay. I’ve had a closer look at Angelo’s Attestation papers and notice that he...
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    American Certificates

    Has anyone in Australia had cause to buy certificates from America? Who does one write to? How much are they? How long would it take? This information would be helpful to a few people here in Adelaide.
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    Bargemen in 1850's

    I am looking for a bargeman around the 1850's possibly on the River Medway. Did they need to have a registration certificate or a Mariners Certificate? Did they need to sit an examination of some sort? Or possibly an Indenture? Did they need to join a Union? Cannot locate him on the...
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    whilst walking the dog in our local park today, I got talking to two chaps, one was the son in law of the other elderly man who was 90 years of age, walking with a walking stick. The son in law told me his father in law was a Dutchman, emigrated to Australia in 1951. He lived and married in...
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    where is everyone ?

    logged in at mid day to find I am the only one (member) with 57 guests ! You must all be asleep or watching the Olympics ! No one to chat to. Billy no mates ! :(
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    computer will be the death of me !

    I have had so much trouble with my computer/internet connections/servers etc for over a week. So frustrating. I have had to borrow a friend's WIFI modem so I can at least look at my mail and FHUK of course! Also connected FHUK to Facebook, so I don't miss out too much on posts. My new...
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    Genealogy Congress Adelaide

    Its a week since the finish of the 2012Congress in Adelaide and I am now getting back into normal life. Wow, what a success. The lecturers from America were brilliant - these professionals really know their stuff. If anyone interested next one held in canberra March 2015...
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    LEGACY family tree program

    reading through your postings I see that no one mentioned LEGACY which is free to download off the net. You will easily find it through Google. I and quite a few others in our FH group use this program, which prints out trees, photos, notes. There are tutorial disks too and has its own...
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    wireless broadband and Skype

    apologies for not logging into the site for a while - had computer problems and have now gone wireless broadband (after being on dial up for ssssoooo long) but now everything is so much faster and easier to look at ! I love it. Next thing I want to do is skype, so any tips would be...
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    meanings on birth certificates

    Can anyone confirm that the U.D. in column 2 of a birth certificate means "Urban District" ? Does this only appear on a birth certificate or does it appear on others ie. marriages/deaths. I have been 'googling' most of the afternoon without success. Any help in confirming what this entry...
  15. M

    Looking after convicts

    Posted a message on Occupations but no looks! Thought I'd try here. I have a policeman sailing from London who was in charge of the convicts circa 1840 - name of ship unknown. His name was MINCHINTON. Ship sailed to Tassie - apparently he stayed there but how can I find which ship he was...
  16. M

    Convict Policemen?

    I am doing some research regarding policemen who were in charge of convicts that went to Australia around the 1840's. This particular policeman was based at Rotherhithe London (where most of the convict hulks would have been located). Can anyone tell me if they were included in convict...
  17. M

    My Detective Ancestor

    My 3xgreat grandfather was classed as a Detective for about 30 years in the 1860's onwards in Yorkshire. Is there any way I can find out more about his service. I know the police were disliked and were often set upon. I have checked with Hull City Archives but no information came back. :(
  18. M

    TELFORD/TELFER Look Up please

    Could someone look up on Scotlands People for me ? I am in pursuit of an AGNES TELFORD/TELFER born circa 1800 place unknown, but father's name could be Joseph/John? Could be living around Coldstream or even as far as Edinburgh? rumour is father was in the militia Edinburgh Castle, but my...
  19. M

    George & Agnes Marriage

    Can anyone help me find where George BURN and Agnes TELFORD married? I suspect it was around 1825 possibly Cornhill on Tweed or Wooler both in Northumberland OR over the border around the Coldstream area. I have searched approx 14 parish register films for N'land, and all the River Tweed...
  20. M

    Hello Everyone,

    I am a newby to this website - please be patient with me. I have one very big brick wall and hope to break it down and later on help anyone else in the same predicament. Thanks Marjon