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  1. K

    Ronald Prior

    Hi, am looking at my mother-in-law's family. In the 1939 reg I've found her family household with her father and grandparents and her fathers siblings appears to include a Ronald Prior born 13th (I think) May 1921 and as the parents were both Prior in surname, I did indeed find a Ronald Prior...
  2. K

    Byrne family in South Africa

    My family - The Kemp's had told me that a Gerald had gone to South Africa and had never been heard from again! Naturally I was fascinated but soon realised it was actually that my relation Eliza Kemp (b 1860 Ramsgate, Kent) who had married Gerald James Byrne (b approx. 1853 in Liverpool...
  3. K

    KAY - Charles

    Am trying to trace a Charles Kay who was married to an Edith Ann Wyman (born approx. 1869). They married in 1900 in Cardiff and had two sons Harry and Charles. In the 1911 Census Edith is listed as 'husband away' so not sure if he's gone for good or just off visiting somewhere. Any info on him...
  4. K

    K R Kemp

    I am trying to help someone find their birth mother - they thought my aunt may have been the right lady, but I don't think it adds up. What they have is information from an immigration document from England to Canada - the child went with both parents but the mother left and was never heard from...
  5. K

    Auguste Argod

    As per my previous post trying to work out which mystery French lady my great uncle was married to, I have now received the marriage certificate and it shows that Lucie Marie Louise Upson nee Argod was born in about 1896 and listed her father as: Auguste Argod (deceased by the 1933 wedding) and...
  6. K

    Tracing a foreign marriage...poss French

    I've not tried to trace any of my foreign roots yet as I'm not really sure how to go about it, my first one I'd like to find out about is the marriage of Henry Norman Thornton b1896 Fulham, London to a French woman called Lucie (assuming that spelling) - we know literally nothing about her -...
  7. K

    Kemp & Ball

    Just by chance I saw a marriage record for Antony T Kemp & Kathleen Ball 1942, Lewisham Is the only way to get more details than this (e.g. the grooms full middle name for a start) to order the full certificate - will this actually have it on there and the grooms age and their parents...
  8. K

    Shotgun wedding?! Kemp & Brook

    I'm going back through my family tree to double check everything and only just twigged that my great grand father was born in late 1889, and that his parents marriage only took place somewhere between July-Sept 1889.... Is the only way I can get the actual dates of his birth and their marriage...
  9. K

    Frederick Kemp b 1872 Kent

    I'm trying to find a marriage/death/emigration for Frederick Kemp born in Ramsgate, Thanet in 1872 to Tom Kemp and his 2nd wife Emma. FYI it's possible he may have been Frederick William. I've found him still in Ramsgate in the 1901 census, living with his older half sister Ellen Tuff and still...
  10. K

    Emma Louise Dennison b1865

    I'm trying to track the heritage of Emma Louise Dennison b1865 who later married Paul Francis St Julien in 1883 - her father appears to be Thomas Dennison - however - according to the family search record her mother is listed as "Anna Catherine Julia".... Sadly I haven't been able to find a...
  11. K

    Confusing census record...John Jabez Marshall

    I'm trying to find the origins of John Jabez Marshall who according to later census records must have been born around 1854 in Ecclesfield. I found nothing on genes reunited about a John Jabez in early census records, but did find a "John...Marshall" and when I looked at the original record I...
  12. K

    Paul Francis St Julien South Carolina

    Just as the title - I'm after information on Paul Francis St Julien - I believe there are two - an older and a younger, but info on either is handy! From other information I've gleaned from the web and other people asking in other forums - the younger was born around 1860 and came to the UK -...
  13. K

    How would a family change their name in 1800's America?

    My boyfriend's mum is curious about her family history so as I'm laid up ill I thought I'd spend some time on it - she tells me that she was always told that her fathers side adopted the surname St Julien and that their name before this was Eberhart or Aberhart (not sure of exact spellings)...
  14. K

    Witchcraft in Eastend in Scotland?!

    My paternal grandmother's family were Scottish and in our family documents we have an old 'scroll' in a little wooden tube with some very hard to decipher writing - which appears to be the efforts of someone to write down the ancestry of the family and one entry says - "Third descent or second...
  15. K

    Anyone have a clue on Canadian websites?

    Am wondering if anyone has any tips on websites to help me try to trace a Susan Powell, she would have been in at least secondary school and lived in Manitoba - I even have a couple of addresses for her in 1944/45 - she went to the Robert H Smith School in 1945, but I can't find her on family...
  16. K

    1914 in India - Queen's Regiment

    What's the best way of finding out the military records for someone? I have found in my old family photos several photos which were obviously taken in India, around 1914 and include the lamb symbol and the phrase 'Queen's' - and I think I recognise one of the soldiers in the photos to be my...
  17. K

    How can I trace forwards - Herber Gerald Kemp

    I'm trying to piece together the tree on a branch of the family that had a falling out around the 20's-40's. My great grand father Tom Kemp, had a brother 16/17 years his junior Herbert Gerald (or Jerald?) Kemp born in Thanet to Herbert John Kemp and Florence J Brook. Is there any way I can...
  18. K

    Robinson m Brown

    Looking for some information on a T W Robinson who was born around 1881 and died about 1975. He was thought to be called Terrence William but may have been Thomas? We know he went to Windermere Grammar School He married a Betty Brown - it is believed - in the 1920's and we know they settled in...
  19. K

    Walter Edward Thornton

    Walter was born in Margate, Kent in 1890 and by the 1901 census was living in Fulham in the parish of St Matthew. His parents were Harry and Edith Thornton and his younger siblings were Harry and Elizabeth. I'm not sure who he married - I've found a possible match with a Florence, but cannot...
  20. K

    John Stuart McCutcheon and Amy H?

    Amy was born in 1892, more than that, I don't know apart from they were in the UK - I can't rule out Scotland - though I think Amy was Scottish - possibly more like London or Kent? As far as I know their first child was born in 1918. Any info appreciated!