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Search results

  1. J

    Railway Superintendent

    sorry Jennie my attempt at the link did not work hope you can follow my suggestion regards Jackson
  2. J

    Railway Superintendent

    Hi Jennie and welcome have you tried railwayancestors.org.uk/ regards Jackson
  3. J

    hull shooter joy

    Hi Carol, and welcome Regards Jackson.
  4. J

    Another newbie!!

    Hi Lehane welcome to the forum, they are a great bunch here, hope you enjoy your research though it can be a bit challenging at times! Regards Jackson.
  5. J


    Thanks Oznannie, it has been a great time connecting with previously unknown relatives. Regards Jackson.
  6. J


    Hi everyone I am back to the question of birth for my g/grandmother. I have had the great fortune to have been contacted by a long lost cousin in Canada who shares the same g/grandparents and have been given some great pictures of my direct ancestors!!! On one photo it shows...
  7. J

    Great song..great voice

    thanks Lee liked them both. also like your avatar. regards Jackson.
  8. J

    The Chev

    What a classic old car Gibbo, great pic Jackson.
  9. J

    New Member

    Re: re computor. Hi bertjl only a couple of kilometres but i have been told i must walk five days a week so i must brave the chilly weather. One thing though i am wide awake when i get to work! -2 now that is cold for Qld, i was looking forward to playing golf sunday a.m. but as you say it is...
  10. J

    Fathers Day 19th. June.

    Blast forgot the open is on tv must go and watch it.I tipped an englishman to win it though. Jackson.
  11. J

    Fathers Day 19th. June.

    Hi Lee My kids usually wish me happy fathers day the following week! Something about forgetting because they were too busy with their kids,(ah memories). Anyway if you want somewhere to get rid of those golf tees ----- Regards Jackson.
  12. J

    New Member

    Hi bertjl Your life sounds like mine at the moment, including the computer, but it is great to be back on deck. How are things in Moore mate are you getting the cold mornings we are? I have taken to walking to work and at 4.30 am it is quite brisk here! well take it easy and hope to...
  13. J

    quick hello

    Hi everyone, have been offline for a while but hopefully back to continue my research and maybe have some fun. have missed the site! Regards Jackson.
  14. J

    Phone call for gdcooper

    trashed another one !!>:D>:D>:D
  15. J

    Phone call for gdcooper

    been waiting years to use that one!!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  16. J

    Phone call for gdcooper

    get off the line there's a train comming.
  17. J

    Aussie floods

    Just had a look at the radar out west looks like we might cop a bit later on today. jackson
  18. J

    Aussie floods

    Thanks Dave, we are ok here we are up on the hills but we are sick of the rain and they tell us more is on the way!! and i have golf tomorrow:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: Jackson
  19. J

    Amusing mistranscriptions.

    Or Tragedy on the cliffs by Ileen Dover.
  20. J

    Are you searching for a member of your family?

    Thanks for the heads up S/T i understand what you are saying and it is hard not to expect the best but i have been steeling myself for any and all possibilities, i just hope i meet them with some modicum of self respect. All your advice is taken in all seriousness. Many thanks for everyones best...