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Search results

  1. ptjw7

    I think Google needs an update!

    Just what is wrong with Google:mad: Doing a search for a CORAL living in Bournemouth area and Google assumes that I am dyslexic because it has only given me CAROL searches and not one CORAL:mad: I can only assume that they feel you must have an answer to a search and that nothing found is not...
  2. ptjw7

    Getting to grips with...

    Just looked it up and it appears they still do
  3. ptjw7

    Getting to grips with...

    One of the problems is that not many programmers actually have to use the programs themselves that they think the new glitzy layout is all for the better:mad: What about the GRO site in that it jumps all over the place and then you have to scroll down to get it to do anything OK for the odd...
  4. ptjw7

    domestic register

    Staff members should be on census returns
  5. ptjw7

    Moses Shaw his marriage or marriages

    Read this https://www.genesreunited.co.uk/boards/board/genealogy_chat/thread/862548 Says in 1800's marriage age for males is 14 and 12 for females.
  6. ptjw7

    Surname change?

    I was looking for the mans death but the surname change threw me
  7. ptjw7

    Surname change?

    Just found a strange reference in that on the 1939 register the man has a surname change:confused: Date shown is 9 May 1972 - 4 years later he married a woman with the surname he changed his too_O Makes for difficult following!!!!
  8. ptjw7

    Internet having a bad day?

    Just tried the GRO but all I get is 'Internal server error' and then to cap it all Antree offers an image of a marriage in 1864 but image is for a marriage in 1867:mad: Just what is it today or is it me:oops: Should have stayed in bed but to hot!
  9. ptjw7

    Gone without a trace?

    Well thats put that to bed - lots of info there!
  10. ptjw7

    Gone without a trace?

    Thanks I'll just sweep up the bits
  11. ptjw7

    Gone without a trace?

    Ni marriage or death on them
  12. ptjw7

    Gone without a trace?

    I dont have a sub now but the actual date is missing on the bit I did see
  13. ptjw7

    Gone without a trace?

    I have looked at that record according to fmp but I didnt down load it for some reason. Possibly due to her being on the 1939 register as single
  14. ptjw7

    Gone without a trace?

    Does that have a date Julie
  15. ptjw7

    Gone without a trace?

    I have a Gertrude Florence Luton born 21 Nov 1908 in Marylebone London. Last seen in 1939 in Wiltshire as a governess and then zilch - nothing? I suppose a name change but just how do people just vanish:mad: I can understand people would not know someone's real age but the name should be right?
  16. ptjw7

    Antree excelling itself

    Looking a person on Antree and this time it really excelled itself! The person 'Charles Day' born 1909 - first hit on Antree a 1881 census :confused: It took me a few seconds to realise what I was viewing:confused::oops:
  17. ptjw7

    Mailing Babies

    Not sure I would trust the Post Office Now!:D
  18. ptjw7

    What happened to Henry??

    1861 Henry Farmer 24 and Mary Ann Farmer 26 St Leonard Tower Hamlets, Cabinet Sawyer born Kingsland Not found a marriage!
  19. ptjw7

    2021 Australian census

    If the Australian Census is destroyed after data gathering, how do some sites have historical information? Not that I have ever searched for Australian relatives I presume those sites offering records do have them(no quarantee that they do have them - some tell porkies!)
  20. ptjw7

    Taking the leap from Marriage to birth certificate

    The only real problem in going backwards is if your grandmother was married before! To get around this problem you will need the marriage certificate.