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  1. ptjw7

    I think Google needs an update!

    Just what is wrong with Google:mad: Doing a search for a CORAL living in Bournemouth area and Google assumes that I am dyslexic because it has only given me CAROL searches and not one CORAL:mad: I can only assume that they feel you must have an answer to a search and that nothing found is not...
  2. ptjw7

    Surname change?

    Just found a strange reference in that on the 1939 register the man has a surname change:confused: Date shown is 9 May 1972 - 4 years later he married a woman with the surname he changed his too_O Makes for difficult following!!!!
  3. ptjw7

    Internet having a bad day?

    Just tried the GRO but all I get is 'Internal server error' and then to cap it all Antree offers an image of a marriage in 1864 but image is for a marriage in 1867:mad: Just what is it today or is it me:oops: Should have stayed in bed but to hot!
  4. ptjw7

    Gone without a trace?

    I have a Gertrude Florence Luton born 21 Nov 1908 in Marylebone London. Last seen in 1939 in Wiltshire as a governess and then zilch - nothing? I suppose a name change but just how do people just vanish:mad: I can understand people would not know someone's real age but the name should be right?
  5. ptjw7

    Antree excelling itself

    Looking a person on Antree and this time it really excelled itself! The person 'Charles Day' born 1909 - first hit on Antree a 1881 census :confused: It took me a few seconds to realise what I was viewing:confused::oops:
  6. ptjw7

    Profile Posts

    If a profile post is replied to Using conversation) can the profile poster reply or get the message. I remember starting a conversation with someone who only had a profile post and cannot even find the conversation! :confused: I assume there are rules (which I have forgotten)
  7. ptjw7

    More money!?

    I changed my Antree sub the other day to try and get some info from across the pond - so far so good, got some useful if not enlightening info until today! They offered me some newspaper info on a wedding but wanted me to take out another sub to Newspapers for another $60 what with that and the...
  8. ptjw7

    Ancestry - Login or What?

    Doing a search on Google a link came up for Ancestry - I clicked on the link and it wanted me to take out a 14 free trial:confused: On the page it showed I was definitely logged into Ancestry.co.uko_O with the full sub - I am just puzzled as to what it thinks is going on! As to their search...
  9. ptjw7

    Benjamin Charles Herbert Stray

    I am trying to find a Canadian link to a Benjamin Charles Herbert Stray or Benjamin Herbert Stray. Ancestry keeps offering be links to a B H Stray on the U.S., Index to Alien Arrivals at Canadian Atlantic and Pacific Seaports, 1904-1944 but I do not have access to that and not worth the expense...
  10. ptjw7

    1939 register wrong birth dates

    I have just had another case where the birth dates are wrong as to the year!:confused: I have checked all the birth years and the location are correct - just the 1939 register is wrong! So I wonder who supplied the answers to whoever compiled it I sometimes wonder just how much of our...
  11. ptjw7

    Ancestry search program.

    Just did a search on the 1901 census on Ancestry :- For any Bevans living in Edmonton Middlesex with Bevans set to exact! First record is for an Ida Shine:eek::mad: Just what is wrong with their search program - no results are better than what you get!!! Over the years it seems to be getting...
  12. ptjw7

    Lazy enumerators?

    I thought that the 1939 register was to obtain information on people for ration books and identity cards but! I have just found a rellie a William Smith with the right birth date and in the right town BUT the wife is listed as Mrs Smith about as much use as a chocolate teapot(as my dad would...
  13. ptjw7

    GRO indexes

    Does anyone know why the GRO indexes cover 1837 to 1957 and then o 1984 to 3rd quarter 2019? I can understand the ending 3rd Q 2019 but why the gap from 1957 to 1984?
  14. ptjw7

    Questions in profile and forum

    I see that people are putting their questions into their profile post and therefore receiving no replies! Is it possible to put anote so that questions are not lost:oops:
  15. ptjw7

    No image?

    Just come accross something I don't quite understand!(nothing unusual in that!) Some information on the 1881 census on Ancestry is text only whilst Findmypast says it has the image:confused: I have all the info I need just the image not being available is puzzling!
  16. ptjw7

    Never make assumptions?

    This hobby (genealogy) never ceases to amaze me:confused: I have just stumbled on another quirk of BMD records in that I always have assumed that the place of death would be where the record was recorded:oops: Wrong - as it would appear it all depends on who registered the death which in this...
  17. ptjw7

    Family Tree Maker and Ancestry

    I don't know if the problem I am having with FTM is with Ancestry or from windows updates but everytime I start FTM it asks for password for Ancestry - and this is getting very tedious especially when it wants to send code to my mobile!!!:mad::mad:
  18. ptjw7

    Whats in a name?

    Don't you just love them - those with the many names that they use on a whim:confused: In my tree I now have Cecil John George Gates born 1899 - so far so good:cool: On the 1901 census he is shown as John Gates - just like his father! Then on the 1911 census he is shown as George Gates:( On his...
  19. ptjw7

    Parish Records(not!)

    As is my wont I again forayed into the Essex parish records for my daily headache!:D This morning I was struck by the genral inconsistancy with which various Vicars etc duly filled in the records some with little regard to the actual information written with the shorthand record for 'John son...
  20. ptjw7

    Lost Marriage!

    Hi all I am having a bit of trouble locating the actual marriage place of John Heard and Mary Ann Warsh(Wash), Free BMD has it in June 1886 in Maldon, Essex. Trying to save some money I have invested in a SEAX subscription as I am hoping to get lots of info but its all gone wrong at the first...