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    painter journeyman

    hi everyone could some one please tell what was a painter journeyman thank you to all best wishes annpart
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    gr.grandfather john thornley

    could anyone help me i am trying to locate my gr. grand fathers birth his name john thornley born 1861 westhoughton lancashire . i recently received his marriage certificate and the details of his father as amazed me as he is not who i thought it was john thornley married margaret lee on the...
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    irish family history waldron

    hello everyone i just thought you would like to know that i received the copy of my gr.grandparents marriage cerificate today and they were married on the 10th april 1882 at st josephs catholic church chapel street leigh lancashire . At the time of the marriage they were both living in...
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    irish family history waldron

    hello thanks for your reply i have found two margaret welsh ,born in clare around the same time. thomas and margaret did marry in leigh lancashire 1882 i found the marriage so iam waiting for copies of the marriage certificates to arrive so i can confirm who who was her father im hoping...
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    irish family history waldron

    HELLO EVERYONE AGAIN i have just found mygr.garndparents thomas waldron &margaret welsh married 1882 in leigh thank you to you all best wishes annpart
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    irish family history waldron

    Hello everyone thank you you for replying to my message . the waldrons are my mothers fathers line THomas waldron my gr.grandfather ,was born.in galway ireland around 1857, his wife margaret welsh was born in clare ireland 1864 . i dont know when they came to live in leigh but ,thera eldest...
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    irish family history waldron

    can anyone tell me when the first irish arrived in the north west england , as my grandparents ,thomas waldron &margaret [maiden name welsh ] as they were living in leigh in 1881 brigdewater st and were would i find records of there arrival in from ireland to north west england. wiil be very...
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    domestic servants in 1911

    hello steve thaks for your reply my grandmothers ,parents were john thornley and margaret .margarets maiden name was lee,they did live in brigdewater st .leigh her birth year was march 1894 there was quite a large family ,i do have the 1901 cenus &1911 her father was born in westhoughton...
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    domestic servants in 1911

    hello everyone could anyone tell me were i would be able to find occupation records for 1911 , as my grandmother martha thornley was a domestic servant for the marsh family of leigh lancashire ,in 1911 . I have had a look at the 1911 census for 1911 ,and her occupation was a domestic servant...
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    HI EVERYONE can anyone help me with my irish names i am trying to locate my greatgrandparents birth records on my mothers line my grtgrandfather was born thomas waldron he was born around 1857 gallway i think it may be knock ,and his wife margaret was born in claire ireland , they lived in...
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    Wills Of 1948

    HELLO can somone help me with my question im trying to locate the full will of miss mary matilda marsh of leigh lancashire the marsh family of leigh go back along way , they owned quite al alot of property miss marsh was the last of the marsh family. i do have part copy that i found at the...
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    BRIGGS family in Leigh, Lancs in 1861

    HELLO DAVE My GRANDMOTHER on my mothers line was martha thornley she did have sister besty and a brother william ,william was the eldest and was born around 1883 ,besty was born around 1891 ,the other brother&sisters were elizabeth A thornley born around1885 ,mary A THORNLEY ,MARY MARRIED...
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    thomas lyon my gr.grandfather

    hello ben thank you for your reply this does look like the right one thank you best wishes annpart
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    BRIGGS family in Leigh, Lancs in 1861

    hi i have just been looking through the message boards and i see you are looking for info on the thornley family of leigh ,did you meen lancashire my grandmother on mothers line ,was martha thornley born 1895 her fathers name was john they were a large family would you like me to give you...
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    thomas lyon my gr.grandfather

    could some one look up the 1861 census for thomas lyon he was born around 1853 in leigh lancashire . in 1881 he was living in aspull wigan lancashire his wifes name was martha i will be ever so gratefull for this thomas lyon was my father grand father on his mothers line thank you for your...
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    Hello evryone my name is ann the surnames researching are thornley ,waldron hurst lyon ,welsh ,marsh the waldron surname goes back to galway ireland . i enjoy researching into my family history ,i have only been researching for about six months and i have learned quite a lot about my...