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  1. jood

    County Derry, Ireland

    Is anyone familiar with Irish records in both County Clare and County Derry? I'm in Australia. I have William Laughlan who married Jane Stewart possibly around the 1820s and had two sons that I know of William b 1827, Joseph b 1830. My problem is I have seen the name spelt Lacklan Lauchline...
  2. jood

    1861 census in Droxford

    Could someone please tell me who John Cook (20) was living with in Droxford at the time of the census.
  3. jood

    Elizabeth Ann Hatchard

    I am looking for Elizabeth Ann Hatchard at either Portsea or Langton, Dorset in 1851 when she would have been 7, and in 1861 aged 17 please. Judy
  4. jood

    John Cook & Elizabeth Ann -

    I'm trying to find a puzzle in my Cook family. I have proof that John Cook and James Cook (and other siblings) were the children of Daniel Cook and Sally Philps (Phelps) and were born in Petersfield, Hants, John - 31 Dec 1843) and Sheet, Hants, (James - 30 Mar 1845). James is fine, he is a...
  5. jood

    "The Excellent" Portsmouth 1862

    James entered the British navy on the Excellent at Portsmouth on April 1862, and was transferred to the Curacoa on May 1 1863. He served six months with the land forces in the New Zealand War, and was one of the pioneers in the fighting at the Waikata and Wayna rivers. Mr. Cook wears the New...
  6. jood

    William Laughland

    In the 1841 census, there is the following 1841 LACKLAND WILLIAM M 10 BEITH (AYR) /AYR My William Laughlan (however you want to spell it), was born on 15 April 1827, which would make him 15. Given that the Census sometimes rounds ages off, could someone please tell me who he is living with...
  7. jood

    Scottish decipher

    Dave can you decipher the following marriage certificate please? This is what I think it says, but I am not sure. 1867 On 3rd day of June at .. Edinburgh after banns according to the forms of the free church of Scotland - William Mitchell, Railway Labourer, Bachelor 20 Brunswick St...
  8. jood

    Trouble with Family Tree Maker 2010

    I am having trouble - big trouble. I've been using this software for years. (FTM 2010) I went to enter (eg) William & Jane as parents of Alexander, then I moved over to his wife Jane and put her parents in William & Marion. Every time I do it - it cancels the other parent out so that...
  9. jood

    William Merrylea Mitchell

    Looking for William Merrylea Mitchell born 30 July 1903 at Hazelbank Place, Cathcart, Glasgow. I don't know his parents unfortunately. edit Jood, I have closed this thread as it's a duplication of your other post. William would not be on the 1901 census as he was born 1903 dave
  10. jood

    William Merrylea Mitchell

    Born 30 Jul 1903 in Hazelbank Place, Cathcard, Glasgow. William was supposed to have been the first child baptized in the Merrylea Church, Cathcart, hence his chosen middle name. Any chance of finding his parents? I have not looked at the 1901 census.
  11. jood

    Henry Arthur Barnett

    I've been away recently and can't remember if I have posted this before (is there a way to look up threads you've posted?) Henry Arthur Barnett was born about 1866 London, England - I wondered if he was in the 1871 census? Very little to go on, I know. I'm told Barnett was a very good...
  12. jood

    Mary Ann Evans

    Could someone please find Mary Ann Evans in the 1891 and onwards Censuses, although she was 65 in the 1881 Census. The 1881 census shows (in Charlton Kings, Glos) 1881 Census 108 Park Street, Mary Ann Evans, unmarried, Head 65 Schoolmistress, Glos Marian Brunsdon, unmarried, Lodger 66...
  13. jood

    Philip David

    Could anyone find Philip David and his wife Margaret, in the 1841,51,61 census - in 1871 7 1881 they were in the area of Pontymister Works, Risca., Monmouthshire & in 1881 at 1 Cardiff Terrace, Pontymister. His age in 1871 was shown as 44, a mechanical engineer, and in 1881 he was 53. In 1871...
  14. jood

    Henry Burgess

    I saved this image from an Ancestry site - I just went to open it and it said "oops we've hit a snag." (It was an htm file - I would prefer it to have been and image file) Details of the image are: Henry and Frances are with Henry's sister in 1911... Name: Henry Burgess Age in 1911: 51...
  15. jood

    Laura Ann & Robert Thomas Smith

    I actually copied the image of the 1881 census for this couple, but the copy did not show the Reg. address and other details. Copied typed details are below, but if anyone could get a better copy of the image showing all details as below i.e Reg. District. I got my copy from Find my Past, but...
  16. jood

    William Heaven

    William Heaven and Elizabeth ? are shown in the Stroud 1841 census as William 60 Labourer & Elizabeth 55 which makes their dates of birth somewhere around 1780-1786 give or take. Their 3 (or 4) children were born in 1820-24-26 in Uley, Glos. (Ann, James & Margaret Elizabeth. Any chance of...
  17. jood

    Charles Burgess, Marylebone

    I have asked for help with the Burgess family in the past, but this time I am going further back to Charles Burgess Senior, who was born (well put it this way, he was married in 1813 in St Marys in Marylebone) He married Ann Brown, and one of his three children was my gggrandfather, who was...
  18. jood

    Marriage for Henry Burgess

    In the 1901 census, Henry Burgess. aged 42 born 1856 probably in Charlton Kings, or Cheltenham or close by (his father Charles Burgess had a Nursery in London Road). Henry appears as an nurseryman ...? Employee with a wife called Frances ..... ? aged 38 of Lincs. Ha??? (not familiar with...
  19. jood

    Joseph Burgess

    I thought 1881 Census was free, but everywhere I look - they all want money. I'm trying to track down Joseph Burgess, born 1850, presumably around Cheltenham and Charlton Kings (which I believe are close to each other, his siblings born a year before and 2 years after, confirm this). His...
  20. jood

    Looking for Heaven family in Uley, Glos

    Can anyone find any Heaven family in Uley or nearby in 1841 I'm trying to match up a William Heaven with Joseph Heaven. My actual ancestor James Heaven, born 1824 (and later marrying Ann Elizabeth Cook, had parents called William & Elizabeth and I understand William was living in Staunton in...