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    Dead End -Nellie (Ellen) Kerr

    Geoff, I see you found the obit that I have - awesome. John's parents were indeed Samuel and Mary Jane Mitchell. John was a miner although not in the conventional sense. He supervised miners in the prison. Leavenworth prison operated a mine inside the prison at the time and all prisoners were...
  2. K

    Dead End -Nellie (Ellen) Kerr

    Hi Barbara, I went through all I have on this family last nite after hearing from you and in the end I think the obituary is in error re: the marriage. The dates you found under Helen match perfectly with this family, Samuel and Christina's births and the only Helen Kerr born in that in range...
  3. K

    Dead End -Nellie (Ellen) Kerr

    Wow, Geoff, I just pulled up the obit and it says they were married here. I missed connecting to that - nice catch! :) I will get busy on finding that certificate in Kansas. thanks! R
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    Dead End -Nellie (Ellen) Kerr

    Hi Geoff and Barbara, Geoff, I have the US census for 1900 and all the ones forward from that and it is their family. John immigrated in 1873 and Nellie immigrated in 1896. The census does list Scotland for Ellen and Ireland for John. I have nothing about him going back or when, but it...
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    Dead End -Nellie (Ellen) Kerr

    The only information I have is an obituary for Nellie Kerr, born in Rutherglen, Scotland on 30 April 1876. She immigrated to the US in 1895 and married an Irishman named John W. Martin. The obituary mentions one sister, Mary (Kerr) Clark, living in Rutherglen, Scotland. Nellie died 16 Nov 1940...
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    Hello from Washington State

    Hi, all. Ran across this site in a random search for families from Scotland. I am about a 6th generation genealogy buff and thankful for those who lead the way and realized how interesting finding your roots can be. Have connected with relatives in other countries that are on the same search -...