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  1. J

    Michael Locke - Royal Engineers

    Hello, On the documentsonline site, I've just found the medal card for Michael Locke in WW1. http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline/details-result.asp?Edoc_Id=3886160&queryType=1&resultcount=2 A search on Anc* reveals nothing about this discovery! Any ideas where I could find...
  2. J

    Happy Birthday Peter Overton

    Hello Peter, I've just been looking at the calendar and see that you and I share our birthday. (I don't know how big the year-gap is - and I'm not telling!) :2fun: Have a lovely day! Josie
  3. J

    James Thomas Newman McNeil

    Hello, Using the link so kindly provided by cp for Hugh Gaffney, I found all the burial details of my great uncle, in Palmyra.... http://www2.mcb.wa.gov.au/NameSearch/details.php?id=FB00015153 On the last line of the form it says “Expiry 02/07/2012” Does anybody know what this means...
  4. J

    Greater Manchester Parish Registers

    Hello, Just received a link to a site which might be very useful to some of our members. I am unable to thank him personally, as yet, because the site where he posted the PM is currently unavailable. So, CHRIS if you are reading this, I am truly grateful. :) Here it is...
  5. J

    Two Janets and a James gone AWOL

    Hello, In 1851, Edward Merchant was living in Leeds with children William, Janet, Abraham and James. Janet Merchant aged 31 was the lodger and housekeeper. I am guessing that the elder Janet was Edward’s sister, who was helping her brother after his first wife, Helen Hamilton died. Class...
  6. J

    George Henshaw, prior to 1853

    Hello, On 26 October 1853, George Henshaw, age 20, occupation Porter, married Elizabeth Buckley at Manchester Cathedral. The address at the time of the marriage was Bridgewater Street, Manchester. His father’s name was John Henshaw and his occupation was a joiner. (There is no mention of his...
  7. J

    James McNeil AKA Carney

    Hello, In 1911, my great uncle James T N M Marchant emigrated to Australia. My mother told me that he regularly sent money to England, so that his wife and children could join him, but they never did! In 1944, at the age of 74, he died in Palmyra and was buried in Fremantle Cemetery. On his...
  8. J

    Mark Marchant in Salford

    Hello, Could somebody kindly give me the census reference for Mark Marchant, aged 4 in Salford, in 1911? I also need to know the name of the sub-registration district, so that I can search for it on A*y. Many thanks, Josie
  9. J


    Hello, I wondered if anyone could throw any light on this name change. Thanks to the help of some very kind people on another forum, here is what I have:- In 1853, my g/g/grandparents, Elizabeth Buckley and George Henshaw were married in Manchester Cathedral. In 1861, they are living in St...
  10. J


    Hello, This query is connected to the Abraham M*rchant query, I posted in the "Irish Roots" forum, but this definitely belongs in the "Scottish Roots" forum. In 1851, my g/g/grandfather, Edward Merchant (the widower of Helen Hamilton) is in Leeds with his two sons, William and Abraham. In the...
  11. J

    McDonalds and Harrisons

    Hello, In 1841, my g/g/grandmother Mary McDonald is with her two sons, Andrew and Alexander in Liverpool. In the same household are the Harrisons and Julia Africa. Could anybody tell me whether there is a family relationship between the McDonalds and the Harrisons? Many thanks :) Josie
  12. J

    Abraham Marchant/Merchant

    Hello, Through my own research and with the help of some very kind people on another site, I have a wonderful "picture" of my g/grandfather from 1851 to his death in 1917. The only item of information that is missing is his birth/baptism in the town of Londonderry, Co. Derry. He was born about...
  13. J

    Hello, newbie here!

    Hi there, Have been researching my ancestors for just a few months, but have hit a few brick walls! :( Look forward to hearing from you! Josie