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    Not having much luck

    Many many thanks dave, I could go on and on, but best give you a break..lol I'm guessing I'll be back again with more Q's. I couldn't have got anywhere without your help. Thanks again. Norma. :)
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    Not having much luck

    Thanks for the trouble you've gone to to help me. I need to get it all on paper and get births and deth's etc down to see where I'm at. It's all very interesting finding one's history. Was there any indication of Ann Hathoway's birth and parentage on the records you found? Thanks dave. Norma.:)
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    Not having much luck

    Thank you so much for the help. I'm having trouble understanding where the name Amari fits in, do you know what this means. There are the same family, but why the name change? You have been most helpful. O0 Do the recoreds go further back and show who is the mother and farther of Ann Smart, and...
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    Not having much luck

    Thank you for the info on Cyril's father I will hang on to that, but it is my gg mothers side I want, Hannah Smart born 1880. I have checked out the two sites but getting nowhere fast.:D I'm not very savy about pooters etc. So any help is a great help.:confused:
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    Not having much luck

    Thanks for the info, can you tell me how I can research this further, for free. Many thanks potty. ;)
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    Not having much luck

    Yes this is my family, Jessie was my grandmother, I would love to know more about my ggrandmother and father, and there parents. Thank you sooo much. :)
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    Hello Carol. I'm new to the site myself.. today infact. I knew a Carol Clarke from Tunbridge well and wondered if you might be her. Did you ever work in a Nursing home in Rusthall. Regards Norma
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    Not having much luck

    In finding my GGprts Hanna Smart and Robert Salmon. I'm guessing they should be on the census around this time. Living in Yorkshire/possibly born there too. Can anyone help....:(
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    newbie needs help!

    Hello, I'm new to the site and have come here in the hope that I will be able to find my past rellies. I'm not having much luck in getting any further then my great grand mother/father on my mothers side. I don't want to pay for research and believe it can be done free, though I do seem to be...