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  1. D

    Lost in the 1841....

    I was wondering if anyone can spot this chappie in the 1841 census James Woodward born, Thurlaston, Leicestershire 1823. He marries Eliza Robinson @ St. Margarets church in Leicester 1845, his father George Woodward, Butcher. this was taken from the paish register of St. Margarets at...
  2. D

    Historical Directories?

    Does anyone use them? or find them helpful? I have been looking through some online, but find them very hit and miss to find what I am searching for, does anyone have any pointers or easier ways to search it? thanks for reading Julie
  3. D

    anyone a 'most haunted' fan?

    Just a quick reminder that it begins tonight, 8pm on living for 7 nights!!eek) eek)
  4. D

    Isabella Lowe.. missing on 1881 census...

    Can anyone else find Isabella on the 1881 census, I have looked and looked and cant see her.. Isabella Lowe born 1855 Aston, Warwickshire, William H. Lowe born 1851 Sheffield, Yorks. I have them both on the 1891 census, would like to find on the 1881 to see if they had any children, (they...
  5. D

    titanic.. artifacts sale.....

    Milvina Dean is selling off her titanic memorabillia, to pay for her nursing home fees, I think this is scandalous really... such a shame.. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7672987.stm
  6. D

    Is this possible?

    I have in my tree a predicament.... Richard Robertson/Robinson marries Sarah Watchorn in 1818 in Melton Mowbray, he a widow (and a Miller) she a spinster they have children together, and he dies in 1840 :rolleyes: (Sarah subequently dies in 1860) I have certs for both deaths. His children (4...
  7. D

    Licensed Victuallers?

    Anyone have any idea where I would find out about these please? I have a relative that claims her father was one, but am unsure where to look for this evidence.
  8. D

    what era would you liked..

    To have lived in? I think even though it would have been dangerous to have been there I think it would be the tudor era OR 1912 on the RMS Titanic Both topics as well as Egypt do have a special place in my heart.
  9. D

    Family Tree Maker 2009

    I have heard about this, and it has a new layout (compared with 2005 that I use) are any of our members using it and what do you think? am pondering whether to purchase it or not.
  10. D

    Hugh Wallis Site...

    Just to let you know that Hugh's site is back up and running.. as of 14th October 2008.
  11. D

    If you could ask....

    A relative, either one from the here and now OR one from the past ONE question what would it be? I think, for me it would have to be where in Ireland my Ann Larkin came from. how about you??
  12. D

    Dade registers...

    Now I must say if you havent seen these they are very interesting.. I blundered amongst them whilst at Leicester Records Office, but what a goldmine of info... Usually any bapt gives something like this: Mary daughter of John & Jane Bell, Ringington, Ag Lab, W.G.Walker Vicar. which would...
  13. D

    Friends of Cemeteries??

    Following on from Daves thread, if you had chance to be part of a 'Cemetery of friends' or wanted to get a ball rolling, A) would you get involved? B) how would you look at getting volunteers?? and maintaining interest? I know that some London cemeteries (Highgate) actually have a friend...
  14. D

    Modern day marriage licences...

    I was wondering, if a modern marriage licence say from 1973 would tell me why the licence was needed? Not having any licences to 'go on' am not sure what info these give.. thanks for reading :)
  15. D

    WDYTYA David Suchet

    Well, I don't like him very much as an actor, but this episode did suprise me and I found myself warming to him.. does anyone else have a favorite one?? I think, over all this series, so far that Patsy Kensit has probably been the best one for me upto yet! But I am looking forward to...
  16. D

    Historical Directories

    This site is very helpful when you get your head around it... Historical Directories it holds online trade directories for some of the uk...
  17. D

    George Mills 1851

    Jackie, this is the ref for the 1851 cens Class: HO107; Piece: 1688; Folio: 259; Page: 34; GSU roll: 193596. George Mills Male Age:8 Estimated Birth Year:abt 1843 Father's Name:George Mother's Name:Hannah Where born:Abingdon, Berkshire, England Civil Parish:Abingdon St Helen...