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  1. JRFox

    Google My Family Tree!

    Everyone see the new book called "Google my family tree"? I am curious to know if anyone has purchased this book. I have heard great things about the contents. They are saying it is the best genealogy book to come out in quite sometime.......I dunno!
  2. JRFox

    Newgate Prison Information

    Does anyone know if there are records for Newgate Prison such as names of prisoners, or minutes that were kept? I was wondering if they survived and were kept somewhere in London. Thanks for any help with this!:biggrin:
  3. JRFox

    Elizabeth Durham

    Anyone on here researching the last name Durham? I am looking for an Elizabeth Durham from Middlesex/London. She was convicted of stealing and tried at the Old Bailey and sentenced to transportation and did some time in Newgate Prison. I dont have a birth date or anything but from what it says...
  4. JRFox

    Any Facebook members?

    I was curious if anyone uses Facebook that is a member of this site? If so send me a private message and let me know your Facebook name so I can add you. I have a ton of genealogy sites linked to my site. :D
  5. JRFox

    Us Genealogy Help Offer!

    Hello.....Anyone who needs any genealogy help here in the U.S. send me a Private message or post something on this board. I live in Columbus, Ohio and have a very good research library available. Also have ties to West Virginia and Virginia. Anything I can do and maybe we can do each other some...
  6. JRFox

    Need Help! Please!

    Hello everyone! My name is J.R. Fox and I live in the United States. I am desperately looking for some information on a Samuel Fox who is from St. Andrews Middlesex or Lincolns Inn Fields. I am trying to make a connection in London on here because I need someone to go to the Guildhall Library...
  7. JRFox

    Birth records of Samuel Fox

    Looking for birth records of Samuel Fox from St. Andrews Middlesex or Enfield! Our family cannot find factual birth records of him and we really need help. He was sentenced to Newgate Prison for a small period of time and then sentenced to transportation on a ship called the brothers as a...
  8. JRFox

    Samuel Fox (St. Andrews..Enfield/Middlesex)

    I am looking for information on a Samuel Fox who came to America as a convict. He was tried at the Old Bailey and sentenced to transportation after serving a small stint in Newgate Prison. He came over to America on a ship called "The Brothers" bound for Maryland. He settled in Amherst County...
  9. JRFox


    Hello everyone! I just found this site and I am looking to make some connections in the UK. My last name is Fox and I have been trying to find information about a certain descendant who came from St. Andrews Middlesex (London). I have had such a difficult time and living in the states makes it...