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Search results

  1. ianto73

    Signs for Businesses

    In a restaurant window:- "Don't stand there and be hungry, come in and get fed up"!:biggrin: In an Optometrist's Office:- "If you don't see what you are looking for, you've come to the right place"!:biggrin: At a Tyre Store:- "Invite us to your next blowout"!:biggrin: On a Plumber's truck:- "We...
  2. ianto73

    Wales to South Africa

    Lillian Davies was one of my late father's cousins and I know that she ended up in South Africa. From memory her and two of her sisters were nurses, probably during WWII. Is there any way of finding out if she emigrated under her maiden name, probably after 1945 and no later than 1955 by my...
  3. ianto73

    WWI - Welsh Events

    This may not be of interest to many on here, but I felt that information should be shared. I have received quite a lengthy document concerning what our Welsh Regiments in conjunction with other organisations, are planning across Wales and some parts of Europe to mark WWI. Needless to say, there...
  4. ianto73

    Question for the experts?

    My lovely wife, who is not involved in anything computerised, has asked the following:- "WHO PUTS ALL THIS INFORMATION ON THE WEBSITES?" Being the 'dozy' one of the 7 dwarves, I haven't a clue!!!:2fun::2fun::2fun:
  5. ianto73

    Lawrence Family - Pembrey

    Thomas Lawrence appears on the 1881 Census for Blaenllechau with his wife Jane ? (born Aberdare) and 2 daughters. On the 1891 census he is in 7 Wind Street with his wife and my paternal grandfather Evan John Evans who is listed as nephew. Thomas's birth place is given as Pembrey as is Elizabeth...
  6. ianto73

    Tales of the Unknown, mostly useless.

    In 1961, the 1st Battalion the Welch Regiment were posted from Cardiff, where they had spent some months after a tour in Benghazi, to Berlin which involved travelling by ship to the Hook of Holland and then the long train journey through Germany and what was then the 'Russian Sector'. Bearing in...
  7. ianto73


    In 1914, the TA Battalion of the South Wales Borderers, known as Brecknockshire Regiment, arrived in Aden which was most unusual as this unit had never been abroad, mainly undertook coastal duties in Pembrokeshire, and contained a large proportion of raw recruits who had not even done much route...
  8. ianto73

    Re-burial at Loos

    Information currently listed on the CWGC website states that the re-burial of Pte McAteer and 19 unknown soldiers will take place on 14th March 2014. RIP gentlemen!
  9. ianto73

    Family Tree

    Hi Folks, just another question that confuses me with this family history stuff!. Having put my own family tree on one of the other sites, I find that other people have similar people listed in theirs BUT the differences are amazing. As an example, on one person, it would seem that the number of...
  10. ianto73

    Am i cracking up?

  11. ianto73

    Migrating to USA

    A young lady, Tegwedd Evans (17 years of age) is listed as emigrating to USA around 1914, but is she the Tegwedd Evans, daughter of John & Ellen Evans who lived in Blaenllechau, South Wales. John is not listed on the 1911 census, but Ellen and Tegwedd are, with a couple of others. John Evans is...
  12. ianto73

    Welsh Brick Wall No 1

    Here goes for the first attempt:- It's who was my paternal grandfather's mother? According to the birth certificate, Evan John Evans was born in May 1879 at 298 Cardiff Road, Aberdare, mother Ann Evans with no father listed!:rolleyes: On the 1881 Census, Evan John aged 1 is living at Underhill...
  13. ianto73

    Before I forget!

    May I thank everyone that operates this site for all the hard work they do on our behalf. They seem to be able to go through brick walls - sometimes from the other side of the world - that's magic, empty skeletons from the cupboards - that is divine intervention - and turn a blind eye to events...
  14. ianto73

    The Festive Season is coming

    Dear Santa, I don't want much for Christmas. I just want the persons reading this to be healthy and happy. Friends are the fruit cake of life, some nutty, some soaked in alcohol, some sweet and mix them altogether and they're my friends. So enjoy the festive season one and all. NADOLIG LLAWEN...
  15. ianto73

    1901 census

    Bermondsey London - Frank Locke 13 years of age, and hopefully, his father John William Locke. If these names are found together with others, I'd be grateful. No details of mother or brothers/sisters has ever been known.
  16. ianto73

    Children born in India

    Further to my 'general questions' thread, for which I'm eternally grateful for the replies,:- The search is for 'AMELIA BUCKINGHAM BORN AROUND 1864!' WHERE, WHEN, WHO WERE HER PARENTS? It is known that she was definitely born in India. Many thanks kind folks, Brian
  17. ianto73

    General Questions

    1. Is there a source whereby names of children born to serving soldiers in India in the 19th Century can be found? 2. Was there ever a census of military families as above? 3. What criteria do I have to have to find any information should there be a 'yes' to question 1. Most grateful for any...
  18. ianto73

    Frederick Fenge

    The above named is the grandfather of my nephew, and my cousin seems to have failed through that organisation with an 'a' to ascertain his military records. It seems he was born in Tenby in 1908, but the family then moved to London at some point. I believe his middle name is Maitland. He joined...
  19. ianto73

    Military Medals Part II

    I thought this may be of interest to some as it seems many families are unaware of relatives being awarded medals, especially bravery. Last year I attended a big Male Voice Choir concert at the Royal Albert Hall and stayed overnight in the Victory Service Club. As I'd been to a Regimental...
  20. ianto73

    Orphanages 1880-1910

    Does anyone know if there are any records available of the above, possibly in Essex/London area, and does Dr Barnado's want full details of the children involved BEFORE they will consider a search? This is just one aspect of family rumour I'm thinking of, although it may not be relevant at all.