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Search results

  1. kofeeboy

    Absent voters 1918

    Absent voters 1918 looking for all ww1/2 records for relatives listed below. Thanks Absent Voter: 1918 North Division, Salford, Lancs.John Rathburn -* Qualifying Premises: 67 Hodson Street Polling District: N.U. Description of Service: 51614 ___, R.F. Co. Register: Absent Voters List 1918...
  2. kofeeboy

    Absent voters 1918

    Absent Voter: 1918 North Division, Salford, Lancs.John Rathburn -* Qualifying Premises: 67 Hodson Street Polling District: N.U. Description of Service: 51614 ___, R.F. Co. Register: Absent Voters List 1918, Entry 7783 bsent Voter: 1918 North Division, Salford, Lancs.John James Quinn -*...
  3. kofeeboy

    Albert MORSIE

    1911 look up please Albert MORSIE 1873 with wife and family could some one please give me birth please and other info please D
  4. kofeeboy

    Manchester School 1870-1916

    HI Could any one do a look up please Manchester School Registry 1870-1916 HUGO MORSER born 1873 London and Richard MORSIE b 1880 Jewish School in Manchester area looking to see if his parents were Richard or Henrietta Hugo was born MORSEI/MORSIE Any help D
  5. kofeeboy

    William Webb

    Help please trying to find more on William b 1828 Rudheath Cheshire Mary Ann ?? b 1829 Antrobus Cheshire I have then in 1851/61/81 so if any one can find them in 1841 think unmarried and in 1871 or if they were still alive in 1901/11?? looking for marriage and any other info that can help me out...
  6. kofeeboy

    Mary Jane Webb

    Help please Looking to find Mary Jane Webb born abt 1847 in Appleton(Cheshire),Lancashire father William she married William Fowles in 1867 Looking to find her in the 1851 and 1861 census return Dom
  7. kofeeboy

    Jane Wood/Woods

    Any chance for another look up please as hit brick wall looking to find any info on Jane Wood(S) born 1880 Hartford Cheshire Father was Joseph Wood(S) occupation GARDENER Mother Caroline(KILLGRASS) looking to find her in any other census rtns or marriage/death I have her christening 4 May...
  8. kofeeboy

    Joseph Wood

    Hi Looking to find my great greatgrandad in 1891 census Joseph Wood(S) b 1836 Hartford Cheshire wife Caroline(KILLGRASS) b 1835 Dutton Cheshire would like to know who else was living with them?? my link is there daughter Minnie b 1868 Hartford she married James William Combs(name spelt...
  9. kofeeboy

    Louis Cobrofsky

    could some one kindly do a 1901 look up please?? Only on FMP Louis Cobrofsky b1877 Russia(1911 name Kuberofsky) Wife Sarah childrenIsaac,Esther & Peshke Living north Manchester Cheers Dom
  10. kofeeboy

    Mary Birch Nee Wilson

    Hi All I have just found out my great great gran re-married and was wondering if any one could have a look for info on her and new hubby? Mary was born Dewhurst 1826 Salford Lancashire Marriage: 28 Aug 1872 St Mary, Manchester, Lancashire, England Frederick Birch - Full, Traveler, Bachelor, L...
  11. kofeeboy

    John COMBS b1859 Wife MARTHA

    HI Looking to find John Combs born 1856 NOrthwich Cheshire (name has been spelt COOMBS,COOMBES,COMBES) in 1901 and 1911 with wife MARTHA Name: John Combs Event Type: Marriage Event Date: 09 Feb 1887 Event Place: , Witton-cum-Twambrooks, Cheshire, England Gender: Male Age (Formatted): 33y...
  12. kofeeboy

    Benjamin Clarke/Clarke - Helping my Cousin

    Hi I am helping my cousin trace her mother line and looking for info on Benjamin Clarke/Clarke b 1850 Charlton (near Malmsbury), Wiltshire, England parents Richard Clark, Selina Clark he was in Royal navy any info from 1851 to death please THANKS DOM if possible to send images
  13. kofeeboy

    William WOODS - Did he marry his niece??

    could any one help find image please Looking to see if William WOODS b 1888/89 HARTFORD,Cheshire married his niece marriage 1917 Salford,Lancashire to Mary Jane Combes b 1897 Northwich her father James William Combes wife Minnie Woods(Minnie's father Joseph WOODS) his father Joseph WOODS so...
  14. kofeeboy

    Annie Woods - Look up please

    Name: Annie Woods Event Type: Census Event Date: 31 Mar 1901 Gender: Female Age: 25 Relationship to Head of Household: Sister-In-Law Birthplace: Hartford, Cheshire Schedule Type: Household Registration District: Northwich Sub-District: Northwich Ecclesiastical Parish: Witton St Helen...
  15. kofeeboy

    William RICE - Delted files

    Can any one help please?? some one deleted my greatgan fathers file from memory stick and I was wondering if any one can send me images from records?? William RICE b 1853 Kings County Ireland looking for him in 1901(born 1861)Wife Martha and children Beswick Manchester 1911 widower living...
  16. kofeeboy

    new info on greatgrandad William Rice

    I found out that he joined army in Ireland in 1873 and he was living in Offaly in FIVEALLEYS. Question:"Does any one live near here? who uses this site?" or If any on can find info on him when he was in Ireland William Rice b 1853 father Thomas Rice mother E.Neil(Niel) Dom
  17. kofeeboy

    John Chadwick gggreatgran dad

    Looking to find more info on John Chadwick born about 1780ish from MANCHESTER PARISH married Alice Hall May 1813 Manchester had William Oct 1813 Would like to find John in any census rtns and going back on him the only thing i know about him his occ;CROFTER/DYER from Williams marraige...
  18. kofeeboy

    Manchester regiment. William RICE.

    Looking for my greatgran fathers records WILLLIAM RICE b 1853 Ireland He was in the Manchester regiment in Ashton barracks Any help DOM
  19. kofeeboy

    Help finding info on greatgrandad

    Hi my greatgrandad William Rice born 1853 Eglish Kings county Ireland came to uk ??? In 1878 He is in prison in Manchester area and in 1886 married Martha Kay in St Phillips Beswick Manchester His prison report says he was living in Ashton barracks he was in army as for which reg I dont have a...
  20. kofeeboy

    Look up please

    Looking to find the details of the following Baptism Name: Hubertus Morsei Father: Richardi Morsei Liverpool, Lancashire, England, Catholic Baptisms, 1802-1906 Thanks any one :D:) Dom