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    Reeds in Indiana

    Thank you Ladies, some info I had & quite a lot you have both given me, I shall have to digest it all, slowly, very grateful for your hard work :D :)
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    Reeds in Indiana

    Hello Bootzy, Many thanks for all the information, with what I already had & what Ellie said tells me I have the correct Robert Reed, then going to Find A Grave gave me even more info on Roberts siblings, he had a sister Cornelia who I would presume was named after his wife's Father so all in...
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    Reeds in Indiana

    Thanks Ellie, that's a bit more than I had, just hope it's the right man :)
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    also 1886 William Searles & Alice Hebe Webb, West Ham 4a page 78

    also 1886 William Searles & Alice Hebe Webb, West Ham 4a page 78
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    Reeds in Indiana

    Hi Ellie, No not going back, just wondered if he married etc
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    There's a 1890 Marriage of Frederick Searle & Alice Harding on Free BMD, Marylebone vol.1a...

    There's a 1890 Marriage of Frederick Searle & Alice Harding on Free BMD, Marylebone vol.1a page 870
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    Reeds in Indiana

    I wonder if anyone can help with information on Robert J Reid born 1934, Indiana, I have him on the 1940 census with 3 siblings & parents Samuel & Eleanor but can't find anything definite after that, any info appreciated, thanks Mutty
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    Thanks Geoff, should have realized it was Scotland's People but it just wouldn't twig. senior moments...........again:rolleyes:
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    Site problems

    I decided to try changing to English US & it seems to have worked, still with Chrome & Win 7 too :)
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    Site problems

    I'm on Chrome & Windows 7 Pro but it doesn't work for me:(
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    What is SP please?
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    The Repair Shop.

    it's surprising how many people find out they have been brought up believing their Grandparents to be their parents, my son in law is one of them.
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    Looking for any possible ways to find more information

    I sent for my Dad's army service records back in February, I had an email from MOD saying they were way behind with applications, so I am still waiting:rolleyes:
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    Site problems

    I'm using Chrome & the whole site is not loading correctly, format is awful
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    **** Please read! We are launching a new website and forum

    Hi, I'm getting the same incorrect formatting as Dave, I'm using Chrome browser too
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    First Settlers in America

    Oops forgot the link, sorry https://firstsettlers.genealogyvillage.com/index.html
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    First Settlers in America

    Found this site, it sounds/looks all American but there's loads of info & FREE Parish Registers
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    Yes Ellie you're quite right there, I will have another root around FamilySearch & see if I can turn up a likely George, thank you
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    Wonder if anyone can help with my brick wall, I'm looking for the birth of Thomas Scott who married Alice Gadsden in Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire in 1787, as far as I can see, there were no Scotts' born in Eaton Bray before their son George was born there in 1788. The parish register for Eaton Bray...
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    Hi, I've arrived

    Thank you Julie It's nice to be here, sorry about the 2 posts, haven't got the hang of it yet :giggle: