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Search results

  1. Alison

    Arrival Canada

    Hi Looking for James Fraser b1877 Edinburgh, he arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia sometime between 1911 and 1916 when he joined Canadian army he was back home in Edinburgh 1919 when he got married. Anyone got access to Canadian travel records can see if hes on there please? :) Thanks Alison
  2. Alison

    Hill Needon marriage decipher plz

    not sure Ive uploaded this ok hope it works!
  3. Alison


    Trying to help a friend get her tree started any help would be great, am bit out of practice and not finding much at the moment :) Info I have James Burden born Portsmouth, Married to Elizabeth Triggs c1924. James was in the Navy, HMS Southhampton in 1920. Also have the name Lightfoot in...
  4. Alison

    1841 lookup plz

    Need 1841 lookup plz for the following family.. Charles Gater c1796 Wiltshire Hannah c1804 Wiltshire Mary c1826 Wiltshire maybe more chilldren but not sure yet! Thanks Alison
  5. Alison

    cause of death

    So far while doing my tree I have discovered 2 deaths by drowning, 1 who was scalded, 1 fell from scaffolding and landed on his little head and 1 got killed when he got caught in a factory conveyor belt is this a lot of accidental deaths for one tree ? would be interested to hear what others...
  6. Alison

    paupers claims Edinburgh

    I downloaded this but cant open it for some reason :( http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/downloads/file/230/st_cuthberts_parochial_board_paupers_claims_index
  7. Alison

    Louisa Knowles lookup plz

    Trying to find Louisa Knowles born c1845 huntingdonshire, before her marriage to Richard Leach in 1863. I have her father as Thomas Knowles. but not sure who her mother was, maybe Mary but not sure or if she had any sibblings! I have her on 1871 as a general servant, Highstreet Alconbury...
  8. Alison

    Jinks n Nobles

    Have a family tree my grans sister had done a few years ago and it has William Jinks bc1797 married to Mary Nobles in Northhapton 11 june 1808. Am missing the few pages of the tree so not sure were the information came from and cant seem to find anything online for the couple :( Thanks Alison
  9. Alison

    family puzzle

    Have a bit of a puzzle in my tree, on my great grandmothers marriage record her mother signs her name as Sarah Leach maiden name Smart. However on looking further back she was born Wiltshire as Sarah Choules 22,3,1868, her parents were William Choules and Mary Gater. As far as I know her mother...
  10. Alison

    Family story

    My cousin before she died a few years ago told me a story about a Thomas Hill who was in the royal navy ww1, and c1917 around the time of the communist revolution he jumped ship!! eek) I have 2 Thomas Needham Hill's in my tree 1 born 1867 Stirling and the other 1897 Clydebank, not sure which...
  11. Alison

    capital punishment UK

  12. Alison

    scottish witches

    http://webdb.ucs.ed.ac.uk/witches/index.cfm?fuseaction=home.search >:D>:D>:D
  13. Alison

    Frasers from Edinburgh

    Trying to find what happened to my greatgreatgrandfather Rutherford Frasers 2 brothers John Mather Fraser b7.9.1842 and Thomas Fraser b17.1.1845 have been looking for a few years now but dont know if they married or moved away. They are on 1851 census with Rutherford and their mother Ann, 57...
  14. Alison

    decipher plz

    Decipher for Ann Fraser's occupation please and James Fraser occupation ?
  15. Alison

    Hannah Kane lookup plz

    last one for tonight please just filling in the gaps! Looking for Hannah Kane c1838 she lived 11 henry shott dunbarton 1881 and 109 high street in 1901 Thanks Alison
  16. Alison

    conolly lookup plz

    Patrick Connolly c1859 Bridget 1861 Michael c1884 Mary c1886 James c1891 Martin c1893 Patrick c1898 Dunbarton area, 1891 lived at 129 high street 1925 lived at 144 high street :) THANKS Alison
  17. Alison

    McDermid lookup plz

    William McDermid c1864 John c1884 Theresa c1889 last seen 1891 45 college st Dumbarton with mother Rose who died 1894 Thanks Alison
  18. Alison


    lookup plz 1841/1851 Roxburghshire, Maxton or Jedburgh Robert Laidlaw 1800 Isabel 1800 Walter 1833 Jean 1835 Robert 1837 Isabel 1828
  19. Alison

    my own grandpa

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYlJH81dSiw :2fun::biggrin:
  20. Alison

    missing persons