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    The Allen Family from 87 Rory O Connor Place Rathdrum County Wicklow Arklow

    The most common reason for folk going to England was to get work, so they often went when they reached working age. If born in 1914, he might have gone to England any time between 1930 and 1939. There was a census in Ireland in 1926 which should be released to the public in 2026, so that will...
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    The Allen Family from 87 Rory O Connor Place Rathdrum County Wicklow Arklow

    The 1911 census tells you they were married 7 years, so around 1903/4. However I can’t find the marriage either. Mary Allen’s maiden name was Stafford. Here’s the birth of Andrew which gives her maiden surname...
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    The Allen Family from 87 Rory O Connor Place Rathdrum County Wicklow Arklow

    Allen family in 1911 census. 7 children born, 5 still alive: http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1911/Wicklow/Arklow_Urban_No__1/Sheephouse/894195/ Patrick’s family in 1901: http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1901/Wicklow/Arklow_Rural/Ballyraine_Upper/1812865/
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    Catherine BELL

    Have you searched the GRONI site? (It won't be on irishgenealogy. They don't have NI records after 31.12.1921.)
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    Catherine BELL

    John Bell died in Northern Ireland so his death will not be on the irishgenealogy site. It is on the GRONI site (pay to view).
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    Unproven wills. A thought.

    In the UK you only need probate if inheritance tax is payable or if there are assets which the executor can’t get released without it. I know from personal experience in the past 5 years that quite a lot of financial institutions will release funds to an executor without a probate grant. So it’s...
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    Descendants of William de Irwyn ?- my family mystery

    MacLysaght’s “The Surnames of Ireland” says about Irwin & Erwin that: “A sept of O’Hirwen did exist in Offaly. But nearly all Irwins are of planter stock in Ulster and in Co. Roscommon, their name, when not a synonym of Irvine, being derived from the old english eoforwine, boar-friend.” So...
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    ALBIN family from Armagh

    The parishes look like Kilclooney, Drumcree & Kilmore to me. This looks be Alexander Albin’s brother Hugh, marrying in 1856, if it’s of interest: https://civilrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/churchrecords/images/marriage_returns/marriages_1856/09501/5443359.pdf And sister Mary in 1853...
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    help finding Patrick O'Neill

    The Kilcreevanty family in 1911: http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1911/Galway/Kilbennan/Kilcreevanty/549171/ They were still there in the 1920s as here’s Sabina’s marriage: https://civilrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/churchrecords/images/marriage_returns/marriages_1923/09182/5321183.pdf...
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    help finding Patrick O'Neill

    Could be.
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    help finding Patrick O'Neill

    Irish families tended to repeat the same names. Sabina is unusual and so there could well be some sort of connection, especially as the area where this family live is apparently the one that your ancestor came from. The 1893 Sabina was born on 1.5.1893 in Knocknagur. Her mother was Bridget...
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    help finding Patrick O'Neill

    Birth registration didn’t start in Ireland till 1864 so you would normally need to search church baptism records for Patrick’s birth. The civil parish of Kilbennan is in the RC parish of Kilconly. Unfortunately that parish doesn’t have any records before 1872. So you may struggle to find a...
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    Grace McKENNA nee WEST

    Belfast Newsletter 10th March 1951 has an in memoriam message: MacKenna – Treasured memories of Grace who passed away March 11th 1950, the dearly loved wife of James MacKenna formerly of Rokeby Green, The Mall, Armagh and devoted mother of her daughter Florrie, Toronto, and her sons Robert &...
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    Grace McKENNA nee WEST

    MacKenna Grace of Rokeby Green Armagh county Armagh died 11 March 1950 Administration Belfast 15 August to James MacKenna retired civil servant the husband. Effects £1135 13s. 9d. James McKenna death registered Armagh 11.11.1953 aged 77.
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    Grace McKENNA nee WEST

    Probably found her. Grace MacKenna died 11.3. 1950 aged 75, regd Armagh. (GRONI site).
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    Grace McKENNA nee WEST

    Widow of John – van man suggests it’s not the right Grace. 51 Lisburn Rd is Belfast Workhouse. It had an infirmary attached and it was common for people to be taken there if seriously ill. That her normal address was given indicates she probably wasn’t a long term resident of the workhouse.
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    1921 Census

    The 1921 census for England, Wales & Scotland was taken on 19/20th June, so the 100 years isn’t up until 20th June 2021. That's the earliest it could be released. Scotlandspeople have said that they hope to release the Scottish portion some time after June, but obviously Covid may change that...
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    County Down

    There are no Samuel Stevensons in Ballywatticock in Griffiths Valuation in 1863, nor any elsewhere in Newtownards parish. That suggests he died before that. Statutory death registration only started in 1864 so, if I am correct, you won’t find a death certificate and there probably isn't a record...
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    Robert SCOTT

    Here’s Martha’s sister’s marriage which gives the townland a bit more clearly. It appears to be Dunmurrisk. https://civilrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/churchrecords/images/marriage_returns/marriages_1862/09626/5490910.pdf I don’t know the area but my hunch is that it’s an alternative spelling for...
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    Stevenson in Ballyblack

    The 1911 census tells you James & Agnes had 10 children of whom 9 were still alive. http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1911/Down/Mountstewart/Ballyblack/267309/ Children I can see in GRONI’s indexes: Isabella 29.6.1878 Mary 21.9.1880 Jane 8.6.1883 Robert 11.6.1886 Agnes Robson...