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    Matilda Fletcher

    Looking for help again this time i am looking for a death record or burial for Matilda Fletcher Baptised 14 Nov 1830 Barnsley, St Mary, Yorkshire, England, Parents Thomas & Mary Fletcher she is not down on the 1841 census with her parents so unless she is stopping with relatives i can only...
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    John Fletcher Holbeck Clockmaker

    Hi all not sure where to post this so will start here, I am looking for someone who has the time and is willing to look over my evidence of the last few years to test my theory of my 7th great grandfather John Fletcher of Holbeck as i have come across some recent records that may be the bridge...
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    Charles Fletcher 1775 to 1842

    Hi All as you will know if you have read or helped on my posts over the last few years I have been researching my 6th grandfather & his occupation Tobias Fletcher born Leeds Holbeck 1751 died Barnsley 1811, I have found 9 children in total with my 5th grandfather Tobias 1782 & his brother...
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    Joseph Fletcher

    Hi All Looking for the last resting place for my great grandparents Joseph Fletcher born Gainsborough 1886 died Lincolnshire 1960 and Gertrude Fletcher Nee Benton born 1888 died Lincoln 1972 last known address in 1911 was 43 Beresford Street, Lincoln, England. Thanks Richard
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    William Swann cambridge 1804 & family

    Hi all Having a serious problem with this part of my family i am looking for fresh eyes to look over the census records i will put down as much info as possible to give you a good start so my apologies if it seems a little long winded. My 2ND grandmother Caroline Eveline swan born abt 1849 and...
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    Robert Newborn & Sarah Fletcher

    I have a marriage for a Robert Newborn widower of finningley to Sarah Fletcher barnsley 2nd of june 1825 I believe Sarah was the daughter of Tobias Fletcher and was born barnsley 1804, the problem i have is i cant find a death for any of them and they dont appear on any cencus records, help...
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    Deaths for Samuel & Johm Simmons

    Hi all Got 2 family members that i cant find a death record for if anyone can help ! First Samuel Simmons born 1751 barnsley married 16th dec 1771 to alice guest, as far as i can see they had 4 children Mary 1776, John 1778, Samuel 1779 to 1855 and William 1782 Second one is the 2nd child John...
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    Robert Fletcher

    Hi All try again I have a baptism for Robert Fletcher 15th sep 1841 barnsley st marys parents Tobias 1814 to 1877 and mother catherine 1817 to 1900 but i cant find a death anywhere for him as he is knowhere to be seen on 1851 cencus i can only assume he died an infant. Thanks Rich
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    John Fletcher holbeck

    Hi All Just found a burial date for John Fletcher dated 10th sep 1787 holbeck i was wondering if anyone could possibly find out his age at the time of death or anything on his occupation as a clockmaker Many thanks Richard
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    John Fletcher clockmaker ?

    Hi All Was wondering if anyone can help over the last few years i have been researching my great grandfathers from barnsley who were clock & watchmakers and there brothers Tobias Fletcher 1782 to 1841 his father Tobias Fletcher 1751 to 1811 and his brother Thomas Fletcher 1780 to 1870 over the...
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    Tobias Fletcher 1751 to 1813

    Hi All still searching for the burial of Tobias Fletcher barnsley clockmaker born 1751 died barnsley 1813 and his wife Eve Fletcher born 1750 died 1839 run out of ideas of where to look. Thanks for looking Richard
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    Matthew Oldham

    Hi All Hit a brick wall with Matthew Oldham of sheffield born 1794 died in union workhouse in 1876 possible parents john oldham & Jemima, he had a son frederick oldham 1827 to 1847 and possibly a daughter named Louisa 1824, my problem is i cant match him up with a wife or find him on the 1841...
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    Hi all looking for any children born to Tobias Fletcher born 1750/1751 and Eve Fletcher born 1773 as far as i know they were born in holbeck leeds but settled in barnsley
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    Rameleh war cemetery

    I am trying to do some research on my Great Uncle Arthur Fletcher who died in the second world war he is burried at Rameleh war cemetery. FLETCHER , ARTHUR Bombardier 907283 01/07/1941 36 Royal Artillery United Kingdom P. 19. RAMLEH WAR CEMETERY. I was wondering if anyone could give me a...
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    Retford Cemetery

    Hi All I was wondering if there is anyone living near the Retford cemetery off Babworth road who would be willing to check out if there are any headstones or markers for me to photograph of my relatives as i live in sheffield. Regards Richard Fletcher
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    Robert Edward Harvey

    Hi all Looking for a death for my great grandad robert edward harvey born march 1884 in sheffield married to my great grandmother Mary Jane Dearnley on 23rd sep 1909 Neepsend, Sheffield, Yorkshire, Robert walked out when my grandmother was born and that was the last we heard there was a message...
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    Catherine Shaw

    Hi All Looking for the mother of catherine shaw, catherine shaw was born around 1816 in darton and died in wortley 1900 she was married to tobias fletcher in silkstone in 1841 her father was John Shaw occupation nail maker because she showed up with her husband tobias in 1841 cencus i am...
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    Watch and Clockmaker Tobias Fletcher

    Hi all i am currently researching my 5th great grandfather Tobias Fletcher 1814 to 1877 from barnsley he had 2 brothers William a rope maker and John a watch & clockmaker his father was also called Tobias Fletcher born 1784 and he was a clockmaker married to Elizabeth Fletcher, through finding...
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    Not much to start with help required

    Hi All Im now trying to do my mothers tree but unfortunately there is no one now living to give me info except my mother who can no longer remember my own name most of the time so i dont have much to go on just Grandparents names My grandparents were Annie Oldham born 24th sep 1907 died 1973 and...
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    Mary Jane Ogley & Joseph Fletcher

    Hi Again Mary Jane Ogleys marriage took place to my 3rd grandfather Joseph Fletcher dec 1860 i am looking for a confident birth date for mary jane ogley the one i have is born retford 1843 and i am a little worried it may not be right looking at there age on the marriage it should be 1842, Also...