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    Find lost family

    Can anyone please find me the marriage of Mary A Moppett born 1949 married 1969 to some one called Whatley. Mary lived in Edenbridge Kent. Also wish to find her sister Elizabeth R Moppett born 1950 also married 1972. Any help would begrateful.:'(
  2. M

    Family trace

    Can anyone help me with a trace on Ellen moppett DOB about 1984 either in Irland or in Rottingdean West Sussex., I have been drop these details in my lap so to speak. help. last of living family ?:(
  3. M

    Family moved from England in 1950

    I understand that some of my family moved to Canada in early 1950's not sure on this, But can anyone do a trace on family name: Moppett Christopher A. DOB Sept 1900's Family was based in Rottingdean Sussex. Gratefully to any help.:'(
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    2nd stab?

    Josie, can also find info on Sarah Elizabeth Horner married name. maiden name Gutherie, DOB about 1877. Stokesley Teeside. Thanks
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    Confused on family births?

    ME Thick Thanks
  6. M

    A stab in the dark

    Dave was their any family to this couple please:D
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    2nd stab?

    Can anyone tell me about : Frank Anthony Horner born June 1941, in Huddersfield West Yorkshire, If he has any brothers/sisters. as well as mun/dad as well.?:confused:
  8. M

    A stab in the dark

    Very little known if long lost family.. Details Jane margaret Horner (maiden name) DOB August 1915. Huddersfield West Yorkshire. Believed to married William Leech Parkin? details of this not known.
  9. M

    Confused on family births?

    :( Need to find two family births. Moppett George A born June 1947 Eastbourne. Sussex. Moppett Christopher A born Sept 1948 eastbourne.Sussex.:'(
  10. M

    Hunt on for two lost family members in Sussex

    Right I have some done by davelambert271 dated backed to 14/08/2011 with family details Stephen Moppett being the father of Benjamin, born 1892 Seaford Sussex along with family, on looking I found a later details that Benjamin married to Barbara E Leeding. I'm asking after his family George...
  11. M

    Hunt on for two lost family members in Sussex

    Moppett Gerorge A 1847 % Moppett Christopher A 1848. Needing to know if these are at School or Work and where in family they lived.:D:DParents Benjamin A Moppett 1892/Mother Barbara E Leeding o
  12. M

    ok will try and find out more if can from my hospital files, next week. david. are you ok and well.

    ok will try and find out more if can from my hospital files, next week. david. are you ok and well.
  13. M

    last family name

    Hi Steve, My granddad was married to a EM Bryett, does she show as being the mother any where in this family.
  14. M

    last family name

    Edward G Gardiner born about 1905/08 East Sussex. can anyone find for me. this is all I know of him.:D
  15. M


    Can anyone help in finding John William Scott, 1879. if married and with family. Have no more details.
  16. M

    What along Family tree this is WOW

    Can anyony tell me if my of these family memnbers got Married please. Moppett Alfred Born 1890 Eastbourne Sussex Moppett Dennis Born 1920 Rottingdean Sussex Moppett Douglas Born 1935 Rottingdean Sussex + :D Can you even find this married of my grandmother...
  17. M

    Last of family name

    Tracing the last two males of my family name, whether they got married or not. can anyone help with this.? Benjamin Moppett born 1892 Seaford Sussex Fredrick Moppett born 1895 Beddingham Sussex. Thanks
  18. M

    Unknown brother I had.

    It has been a very long time to find this out, if I wasn't looking for things about my father, I would of never known I'm 58yrs old now. David
  19. M

    Can one trace School history

    Some mean full B.........burn the School down in 2010, but we cannot get near it as East Sussex policw are still around it, it was a broading school as I was their for 4 wonderful yrs. oh well you did your best to answer to help me.
  20. M

    Can one trace School history

    What I'm trying to trace is my Old school history. It's called Oak Hall School and at Tollingworth Park broad oak heathfield East sussex. The school stater about early 1940 there about can you find more please.