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    john cooper

    1911 census for john cooper , he would be 33 yrs old , wife elizabeth mary ann. he was born in hartshill warks . but he had a daughter dorothy in 1927 birmingham south warks. any help appreciated.
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    marriage look up

    trying to get marriage of roylance clifford richardson born 1910 cheshire uk could be either cheshire or wales as he moved down there.
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    richardson cheshire

    john richardson b c 1821 cheshire (poss christleton) if anyone can help with thanks.
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    1871 cheshire

    looking for 1871 census cheshire for john richardson born c1821 christleton cheshire wife anne , son thomas (b 1867) son charles (b 1858) with thanks.
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    hannah dutton

    hannah dutton born 1776 cheshire - cannot find death? she died sometime after 1841 and i think before 1851 as she is not on the census with her son then. she was on the 1841 census widowed living with her son william dutton (1818) .
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    1901 look up please, olive mary richardson born 1900 chester cheshire uk only know had brother herbert james richardson born 1894 and thomas richardson born 1892 -on 1911 census not living with parents in meadow farm huntington nr chester.with uncle (john bentley) . with thanks.
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    mary maclean b 1850 balallan lochs

    lost mary after 1871 when she resided in beach st stornoway with her father donald (mother deceased) --in 1881 census not with father or 1891. i cannot find a marriage either? can anyone help? with thanks x
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    1881 look up

    can anyone find murdo maclean born 1854 stornoway scotland on the 1881 census he was at home with his parents in 1871 beach st stornoway 18 and single, and he was a seaman, i cannot even find a marriage for him, with thanks.
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    hello. trying to find margaret (peggy) maclean possibly in cheshire she would be around 20 yrs old in 1871 she was born in stornoway scotland and moved down to cheshire between 1861-1881 i have her living in crowton cheshire with a family called "barker" in 1881 she was a dom servant...
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    marriage look up

    i am trying to find marriage of finlay mclean and margaret mcdonald isle of lewis scotland, all i know is their son donald was born in stornoway in c1818 it states finlay and margaret as his parents on his second marriage to christina campbell in 1874. if anyone can find it i would be very grateful.
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    anyone out there with connections to -: harold sephton b 1934 west derby liverpool, william a sephton b 1935 west derby, sydney sephton b 1946 liverpool, all with mother meadows- please get in contact, with thanks.:)
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    1851 liverpool

    trying to get 1851 census for david edwards born 1798 liverpool wife ellen around the same age, on 1841 census were in adlington st, sub dis dale st liverpool, (could also be in scotland rd or burlington st as son and daughter were wed from those places) david was a shipwright, any help...
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    david edwards

    trying to get david edwards on 1841 census he was born 1823 liverpool, on 1851 census he was wed to eliza and a shipwright, living in vauxall liverpool,his father was also david and a shipwright and mother mary, with thanks.
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    1851 johnson

    can anyone find 1851 census of david johnson born 1846 hanley staffs, i have all the rest apart from 1861 which is unsure, with thanks.
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    1861 johnson

    can anyone look up 1861 census for david johnson born 1845 hanley staffs. would be around 16 yrs old , he was a coal miner later on so he could be at 16 i suppose, with thanks.
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    1871 johnson

    can anyone do a look up for me for david johnson b 1845 hanley staffs , his wife was mary ann and he would have had a son david and son isaac 7 and 4 in 1871, thanks.
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    mclean birth

    trying to find the birth or baptism of john mclean , lochs. 1786-1788 i know he was born in lochs because have it on the census but i cannot seem to find his birth , can anyone help? with thanks.
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    donald mclean (B 1815)wed christina campbell (B 1834) in 1874 stornoway scotland i have donalds father as finlay and mother margaret mcdonald but am not sure of this as it was posted to me as a "maybe" from donalds first marriage to ann mckenzie ages ago, can anyone find these marriages for...
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    trying to find 1871 census of donald mclean (seaman) b 1815 in stornoway - poss wife chirsty born 1834.lochs.
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    occupation change

    i am wondering how my ancestor can go from a sawyer in 1861 to a sea captain in 1881 could he have made this jump in 20 yrs, could he have joined the merchant navy in his 40,s? (1861)