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    Anyone with Swedish links?

    Hi everyone, thanks to this site I've managed to trace my family back to Holland, but my family name 'Harrowven' has now led me to an earlier Swedish variation, yet I cannot get any further. The first part of the name (Harrow) I can trace to being the farming tool, but also appears linked to...
  2. D

    Irwin, Northern Ireland

    Hi everyone, I've only just joined the site, but following the great help I got on my own family history the missus has insisted that I ask if anyone can help trace her family. The Irwin family Northern Ireland, mainly Belfast, If it helps we know that they are Catholics with links to ship...
  3. D

    Re: Introduction

    Re: Introduction Hi everyone, I'm Daniel Harrowven, never used this type of site before but after learning about relatives who fought in the Great War I decided to try and trace my family. I've got back to 1861, but I think that my surname only came into existence after a miss-spelling of a...