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Search results

  1. Edward

    Thomas Cumming Marriage 1880

    Hi, I have found this record of Thomas' Marriage on Family Search Name: Thomas Cumming Registration District: Belfast Event Type: MARRIAGES Registration Quarter and Year: Jul - Sep 1880 Estimated Birth Year: Age (at Death): Mother's Maiden Name: Film Number: 101253 Volume Number...
  2. Edward

    Frances Sophia Hoy

    Hi, I would like to know more about my Great Aunt Frances Sophia Hoy she was Born on 24 Sep 1891 in Bermondsey Southwark London. All I know is that she married an Australian Soldier in 1920 by the name of ???? James and had one daughter in Australia I don't know where they married but in 1983...
  3. Edward

    William Trodd

    Hi, I am looking for information on this Trodd family. 1841 Census Froyle Hampshire Trodd, William, Head, 25, Grocer, Lower Street Leecot Trodd, Harriott, 25, Lower Street Leecot Trodd, David, 4, Lower Street Leecot Trodd, Mary, 2, Lower Street Leecot Bone...
  4. Edward

    Hoy Family 1861

    Hi I am looking for the 1861 Census entry for this family please. This is the entry from 1851. Chapel Street, Castle Hadingham Household Members: Name Rel Marr Age Occ Born John Hoy Head M 39 Superintendent...
  5. Edward


    Hi, I have just been looking at a family tree on line which has James Cozens who married Priscilla Parker on it. It shows him as born in Kent? Why would you assume that he was born in Kent when every Census that he was in shows his birth place as Weston Hants? I have a possible parent for...
  6. Edward

    Mrs A J Slade

    Hi I have found these entries in the Cairns post Newspaper. The Cairns Post Saturday 17 September 1932 Family Notices THANKS. MRS. A. J. SLADE and relatives, of the late A J. Slade, wish to thank Dr. Byrne, Matron and Nursing Staff o,J the Cairns District Hospital, for tbrir, unremitting...
  7. Edward

    Robert William Robinson

    Hi Could you look up Robert in the 1851 Census This is his entry from 1861 Robert Wm Robinson head age 31 occ foreman shipwright born Deptford Kent he Married Frances Sarah Bilbe in 1852 in Horsley Down, Southwalk, London. I suspect he would have been working in the Bilbe shipyard at Nelson...
  8. Edward

    Henry George Trodd

    Hi Henry George Trodd Married Mary Hopkins in 1900 I think that he was one of two Henry George Trodd's who were Born in 1877 Births Mar 1877 Surname First name(s) District Vol Page TRODD Henry George S. Stoneham 2c 51 Births Dec 1877 TRODD Henry George S. Stoneham 2c 70...
  9. Edward

    Henry Trodd

    Hi, I have this entry for Henry Trodd in the 1881 Census Name Relation Marital Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Charles TRODD Head W Male 73 Weston, Hampshire, England Gen Labourer Henry TRODD Son U Male 40 Weston...
  10. Edward

    Nelson Dock & Nelson House

    Hi, On Tuesday went up to London for a work party near London Bridge so took advantage and when and had a walk along Rotherhithe Street on the South Bank to look at Nelson Dock & Nelson House. Nelson House was the home of Thomas Bilbe Shipbuilder. Thomas Bilbe was born on 14 May 1803 in...
  11. Edward

    Elizabeth Coombe St Austell

    I am looking for more information on the Coomb Family I have the two children in the 1841 Census Address: Church Street Surname First name(s) *** Age Occupation Where Born Remarks HAYDON Richd. M 58 Ag. Labourer Cornwall HAYDON Ann F 65...
  12. Edward

    Ann Parker

    Hi Could you look up Ann Parker for me in the 1851 Census. this is the family in the 1841 Census 1841 Census Elizabeth Parker Elizabeth Parker 73 y Elizabeth Parker 26 y Ann Parker 4 y HO 107_402_11 Page 31 I think this is Ann's christening...
  13. Edward

    1793 Certificate

    Hi I have just been going through my parents family Archive and I found the attached Marriage certificate from 1793. Showing the marriage of John Henry Harris and Ann Taylor I have never had a document this old before and they didn't appear on my family tree. I did have what I guessed was...
  14. Edward

    Edward Slade Queensland

    Hi, Edward was born on 21 July 1862 birth registered in Islington London. He married Jane Isabella McGregor in Queensland in 1885 (Died 1903) He married Hannah Jane Milner in 1904 He died in 1914 in Queensland. It would be good to know when he sailed to Australia. The rest of the Family...
  15. Edward


    Hi, I wonder if some one could find the following Family for me in the 1901 Census. Alexander Peckham Annie Wife George Edward Son Born 1896. Bournemouth Many Thanks Ed
  16. Edward

    Hoy / James

    Hi, My Great Aunt was Frances Sophia Hoy born 1891 in London she emigrated to Australia at the end of the first world war don't know the year. She married an Australian who had been fighting with the Australian army in the first world war. I think that they married in Australia I don't have...
  17. Edward

    Martha Parker Born 1826 Hampshire

    Martha Married Frederick Trodd in 1858 I have her living in Weston New Town in the 1861 Census with her father in law. Address: New Town, St Mary Extra County: Hampshire TRODD, Benjamin Head Widower M 64 Labourer Born Weston St Marys TRODD, Martha Daughter Married F 35 House Keeper Born Itchen...
  18. Edward

    Martha Parker

    Hi, I have just been looking through my Family tree and realised that I have two Martha Parkers Born 1826. The information about Martha Has come from two different treads The Thomas Parker Thread:- http://www.forum.familyhistory.uk.com/showthread.php?t=4613&page=2 There is a Thomas baptised...
  19. Edward

    John Bryce

    Hi, I am looking for the date of death or any other information about John Bryce He was the second husband of my Great Aunt Margaret Parker. They married in Canada. All I know about him is contained in a news paper cutting announcing his death but I don't have the date of the paper! John...
  20. Edward

    Ann Parker

    Hi I have found Ann Parker Age 4 in the 1841 Census living in Weston Hants. 1841 Census Elizabeth Parker Elizabeth Parker 73 y Elizabeth Parker 26 y Ann Parker 4 y HO 107_402_11 Page 31 I have found the older Elizabeth in 1851! she is living...