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  1. Ellie

    DNA and the paternal line ...

    I've been reading up a little on this subject but I'm still not sure how to go about it. My brother and I are tracing our paternal line but we only have a strong theory concerning the parentage of our paternal grandfather. Does anyone how you go about this and how much it costs, as we would...
  2. Ellie

    Joseph Burgess Staffordshire 1891

    I'm really struggling with my Burgess line, I cannot find Joseph on the 1891 census, fresh pair of eyes needed,(mine are starting to cross :D) if anyone would like to try and find him please. I have the other census returns for him except 1891. Joseph Burgess was born in Longton Staffordshire...
  3. Ellie

    New members

    Just a quick note for new members. The first three posts you make on the forum are moderated, following your initial three posts your username will change to green and you can then use the PM system. Thought I'd clarify as It can be a little confusing at first. :)
  4. Ellie

    Something for titanic fans

    I'm currently reading a book called "And the band played on" by Christopher Ward. A very detailed and interesting book, and a very good read:)
  5. Ellie

    Best Wishes Moppett

    I would just like to take the opportunity to wish Moppett ( David) all the best as he going into hospital shortly. Best wishes David and I wish you a speedy recovery, take care of yourself. Kind regards
  6. Ellie

    The Kings speech

    I watched this film on DVD on Friday night and really enjoyed it- anyone else seen it? what did you think?
  7. Ellie

    WW1 Women's service records

    On my travels , I became distracted :D Anyway, I found an email address for a specialist research service for late 19th/20th century women's records and covers suffrage and nursing records. You'd need to email for more information but here's the link for anyone interested :-...
  8. Ellie

    The Turkish Grand Prix

    Just out of interest does anyone watch the F1? - Just starting on the BBC.:)
  9. Ellie

    Favourite classic comedy moments

    I thought it might be nice to share some of our favourite classic comedy moments. There's so many to choose from especially from this series:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQX6N747PrY:2fun::2fun::2fun:
  10. Ellie


    This link may have cropped up a couple of times but this is a handy list if you haven't seen it. http://www.worldthroughthelens.com/family-history/old-occupations.php If you come across any others, you think may be interesting please post the link :)
  11. Ellie

    Coal mining

    For anyone interested in the background of mining I have found a very interesting link:- http://www.cmhrc.co.uk/site/home/index.html In particular there is quite a bit of information concerning accidents/ mining disasters.
  12. Ellie

    Potteries dialect

    Many of my ancestors came from the potteries, they must have had true broad pottery accents. I found this interesting link relating to it . I've seen examples of this before, and it can be hard to follow :D http://www.bbc.co.uk/stoke/content/articles/2005/08/10/words_messageboard_1_feature.shtml
  13. Ellie

    Christmas shopping

    All done, early for once and online!:)- just gift wrap and gift bags etc to get. What about everyone else? Are you sorted yet?
  14. Ellie

    Ann Jane Birks 1901

    Hello, could someone please do a look up for the following, really struggling to find this family in 1901, its asthough they've vanished into thin air! Ann Jane Birks (1851) all bornLongton Staffordshire England Wife Of William Birks deceased 1899 Children :- John Thomas 1878 ( we think by this...
  15. Ellie

    Coates 1911 please

    I'm trying to find my G Grandmother Mary Alice Coates born 1890 in stoke on trent staffordshire and lived in that area all her life. Unsure of her parents names, I think her father may have been called George. Thanks in advance :)
  16. Ellie

    Both William Judds ?

    Could some kind soul look up two William Judds Please? :D They are father and son:- William Judd senior born 1827 , Nottingham England. Lived in the Stoke On Trent Staffordshire area, worked as a bricklayer Wife Rebecca Born 1830. William Judd jnr born 1852 other siblings - Robert Judd Fredk...
  17. Ellie

    Help with the Judd's please- look up needed

    I would really appreciate a little help here if some kind soul would lookup in 1911 for me this would technically help me & my brother a great deal. I'm looking for two members of the Judd families whereabouts in 1911, they are father and son:- Father - William Judd born approx 1852 in Leeds...
  18. Ellie

    'head coup'

    I recently found a WW1 enlistment for one of my ancestors and one of the distinguishing marks was listed as 'Head Coup' :confused: - anyway I googled and found the following:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coup_contrecoup_injury Apparently prior to being 'called up' he worked in the pit, which...
  19. Ellie

    Help with certs

    I came accross this site via another forum, quite an interesting read :) http://home.clara.net/dixons/Certificates/births.htm
  20. Ellie

    John Wright 1911 census

    As the 1911 census board isn't up and running I'm posting my query in here :) Could someone do a look up in the 1911 census for my Mum In Law to be? Unfortunately, we don't have a great deal of detail about this chap but would be grateful of any help, so here goes:- John Wright born 8th April...