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    Confusion with steprelatives

    Hi All, In my research I have discovered a great grandfather who remarried after his first wife died. His second wife brought with her 10 children by her late spouse, are these children 'stepchildren'? Would the descendants of these 'stepchildren' have inheritance rights under the intestacy...
  2. M

    Henry Hardy b1869 vanashed 1891 - 1911

    Henry Hardy b1869 vanished 1891 - 1911 Mystery - James Hardy b 1869 http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=uki1881&h=22699313&ti=5538&indiv=try&gss=pt&ssrc=pt_t62310726_p42087449717_kpidz0q3d42087449717z0q26pgz0q3d32768z0q26pgplz0q3dpid Last recorded...
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    James Hardy b 1874 Marriage?

    Hi, I am looking for the marriage James Hardy b 1874 6d 394. He was not married - 1891 census. but was married by 1901 - 1901 census 2879,29 So his marriage must lie between 1891 and 1901. The 1911 census 14,18367 shows a marriage to Mary Hardy. I can not find this marriage - help please...
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    Marriage Francis (Frank) Hardy

    Hi, need some help please. Frank Hardy b 1880 Birmingham, died 1956. 1911 census shows a marriage to Alice Hardy, not married 1901 census. I cannot find the marriage or any children. Mike.
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    Marriage Richard Barlow - b1727

    Hi Some advice please. I have a Richard Barlow b1723 St Oswald, Chester. His parents are John Barlow and Sarah Williams. Two Known children: Elizabeth Barlow b1754 St Oswald, Chester, Richard Barlow b1757 St Oswald, Chester. No mother's name recorded in the baptism records. FS yields no...
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    Fathers BMD from Son's Christening Parish Record

    Research techniques: I know the name of the father from the Son's christening certificate (1750's) and the christening place. How do I find the father's BMD with some certainty from the parish records available? Best way to refine the results? Mike.
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    Family tree spouce name

    Hi, When recording the wife of a male in the family tree do you enter the maiden name or the surname of the male (nee maiden name)? Mike.
  8. M

    George Hardy b1883

    Hi George hardy is recorded 1901: 32,2879,121,29 age18. He is not on the 1911 census. I know he emigrated to the USA sometime after 1901. He was a Gun Smith by trade. In the 50's he lived at Maple Shade, New Jersey, USA. I think he died in the 60's. He married in the UK. Any info you can add...
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    Editing thread

    Hi, I have tried to edit a title of a new thread in the beginners section but it has not edited the title in the thread 'announcement' Colum. Can someone have a look please. Change: miss spelling Hardt - Hardy (typing error) Thank you. Mike.
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    James Hardt b1742 - Eleanor Hardy (nee Le Bas) B 1752

    James Hardy b1742 - Eleanor Hardy (nee Le Bas) B 1752 Hi All, I have researched James Hardy: B 1742 Depwade, Norfolk, United Kingdom Aslacton, Norfolk Transcription Archive Marriage to Eleanor Hardy nee Le Bas 1777 30 Nov Age: 35, St Marylebone (ST MARY LE BONE) MARYLEBONE Westminster London...
  11. M

    James Hardy (b1790) - Sophia Nash

    From FamilySearch - England Birth and Christenings 1538-1975 give the above parents for Henry Hardy (1816-1878) The birth is from another family tree but cannot find any record to prove this. There is a 1851 census listing for a James Hardy but it does not tie-in with any of the above, nor does...
  12. M

    James Hardy, B c1844-Mary Hardy, B c1848

    Hi, I seem to have hit a brick wall in finding the death of the above Hardy's. They are both listed in the 1901 census 2829,121,29 but nowhere to be found on the 1911 census. They are not living at the 1901 address either so they have died or moved. I have found a death for a James Hardy in...
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    Dorothy Barlow B1766

    Hi, Help required in finding the death - Dorothy Barlow nee Price B1766 Tanmere Cheshire. Married Richard Barlow 1780 Chirk Denbighshire. Mike.
  14. M

    Birth information from Ancestry

    The info given when searching births is very basic and not a lot of help! - surname, name and district. to get all the info do you have to purchase the full certificate? which can be expensive if you are not sure you have the correct basic info to start with. Is there a way of seeking this info...
  15. M

    Thomas Barlow 1796-1864, Hannah Barlow 1813-1864

    Cannot find their marriage record, they had children together, can anybody give a clue or help?:) I would like to find Thomas Barlow's farther and Mother and birth, but not sure how to research this far back, can someone on here give me advise please. Mike.
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    Saving database generated family tree

    Hi, having subscribed to A*** and generated a family tree, is there any way one can save the family tree on the HD in your PC without manually copying into a graphics like auto sketch? Mike.
  17. M

    JOHN RICHARD BARLOW my Grandfather

    Hi, Having subscribed to A**** I am having no luck in tracing his death, My mum said he died in the great war but having looked on the military records cannot trace his death in action. There is a Richard John Barlow of West Bromwich who was killed in action. The 1911 census gives his...
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    Genealogy reference books

    Hi, as a beginner can anybody on here recommend a title. I've looked on Amazon and there seems to be a lot of choice out there. Mike.
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    BARLOW -Trying to find my mum's parents - help please

    Hi, Having traced my father's side back to 1841 with lots of help from this forum. I have looked on the 1911 census but not sure if the entry is my mum's parents as I always thought they lived in Bill Hay St. Can you help please. Name Doris Elizabeth Barlow, Birth: West Bromwich...
  20. M

    Fredrick HARDY

    Trying to locate the death certificate info His address: Leigh Rd, Washwood Heath, Birmingham 8 Age 86 - 88 date of death 1956 - 1958 Thank you for any info. Mike.