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Search results

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    New member from Yate, South Glos.

    welcome it's a great bunch here - you will have lots of fun :)
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    Thank you to all!

    Morning A very Happy New Year to you all. Am not mentioning names as there are too many but huge heartfelt thank you's go out to a certain Super Moderator here and lots of forum users who gave their free time to help me with their search. I only started looking for my paternal Grandfather in...
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    Llangloffan chapel burial record

    Hi Dave Have found the church secretary, records were checked and Grandmother not buried there! Could be Harmony or Granston Chapels - same area but only one Morgan buried in Llangloffan and it isn't Harriet Anna. Jayne
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    Divorce record

    Hello all Where would I get a divorce record from? Am not sure if there is a database to search through. My Grandfather Frederick James Palmer married Blodwen Hooper at St Kathrines Church in Milford Haven on January 13th 1941, I believe they must have divorced at some point as she went on to...
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    Llangloffan chapel burial record

    Hi again all, I was wondering do any of you know where to find burial records for the above chapel? Great Grandmother Harriet Anna Morgan nee John was buried there in about 1942. Would love to be able to find where and go place flowers. Kindest regards Jayne
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    Morgan and John

    Am not getting very far with Mr Morgan unfortunately :( Went to the chapel to the cemetary where he is buried but alas he is in an unmarked plot which makes things even more difficult.
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    Chapel burial records from 1930s

    Hi all, does anyone know where I would go to find burial records from approx 1930? My Great Grandfather is buried in an unmarked grave at Harmony chapel near St Nicholas, Pembrokeshire. I went there today to see if there was a record in the chapel but it was locked and looked like it has been...
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    Morgan and John

    Am chuffed to bits! Have found them ! Anna was really Harriet Anna John managed to find her, her parents, way back to her great grandparents. John Morgan is proving a little more difficult L*
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    Morgan and John

    I have spoken more to mymums sister, all she remembers is they were both dead by time her mother (Magwen ) married in 1942. They are a mystery, noone remembers them! I do know they were a St Nicholas family and moved at some point to Tremaenir, Solva. By the time Illtyd (brother of Magwen)...
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    Morgan and John

    That could very well be the family, I think they lived solva or st nicholas, st davids goodwick area, when my Grandmother was little she lived at Tremaenir, Solva. Parents were definitely both dead by the time Illtyd married Eunice in 1944
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    Morgan and John

    I believe he had something to do with the mines, I am sure both of Magwens parents were dead before she married my Granfather William James Dundas Fairbairn in 1942
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    Morgan and John

    She was definitely a John - my Grandmothers birth record says ?Mother was a John - and he was John Morgan but sadly I know no more :(((
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    Morgan and John

    Hello Dave Have spoken to my Aunt and its definitely Hannah John married John morgan :) They married in approximately 1910
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    Morgan and John

    Hello all Here's hoping you can work some magic for me again :))) My Grandmother was Magwen Morgan, she was born 13 Jan 1920, she had the following siblings: brothers Morian, 1911 – 1967 Illtyd - 1913 – 1980 and a sister Ceinwen morgan - 1916 – 1946 I know parents were John Morgan and Hannah...
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    Frederick James Palmer

    I wont stop searching until I can close this chapter, and I can't close it until i know a. who he was, b. what he was like, c. where he lived and what he did, d. what happened to him. If he's dead like I suspect I truly hope I can visit where he has been put to rest to pay my respects to a man...
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    Frederick James Palmer

    oznannie - am so confused Will wait for birth cert to see if I can make sure he is the right one. Thank you for your help :)
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    Frederick James Palmer

    Death Registration November 1991 Reg district Canterbury Kent Frederick James Palmer birth 31 May 1918 Age at death 73 vol 16 page 356 So it appears Frederick died in 1991 - twenty years ago so here I am twenty years too late *sad* Now i need to know what happened to him, what did he do with...
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    How are you today? :)

    How are you today? :)
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    Pigs do fly. Again.

    :D Very funny :)
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    Hi - Im starting on the family tree quest

    Welcome welcome It's addictive! :rolleyes: