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  1. snowydacat

    Coal miners death

    Following on from my dearly beloved Thilwinds:confused: I wondered if my John's early death at 37 was due to him being a coalminer. So I did a check on coal miner deaths and found John and Ralph Durdom (father and son) had died in a mining disaster in 1850 at Evans and Turners Haydock colliery...
  2. snowydacat


    One of my pet hates is accepting information without clarifying it goes with your tree, but I have reached a point where I either go with what I have or shut up shop on this forever and just have to ask your opinions! The name is Thilwind (sleepness nights and grring at census transcriptions)...
  3. snowydacat

    WDYTYA Theresa!!!

    While watching WDYTYA on Sunday night I went into a gobsmack moment. There was the Church of Ireland representative stating without reservation that if your name was Theresa you were Catholic. My ggggrandmother was Theresa Fennell b 1842, father Charles, and I had been unable to get any...
  4. snowydacat

    More Irish brick walls!

    I have been trying to get through this brick wall since I started out and wondering if anyone out there can help me. I have the marriage of my gggrandparents in Greenock Scotland which lists them as John Ferris b 1861 (son of James and Nancy Kennedy) and Elizabeth McClaria b 1862(Daughter of...
  5. snowydacat

    Gedcom - can you combine trees?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to combine two gedcom files into one. I unfortunately wrote up both mine and other halves trees up on separate files on Family tree maker and uploaded mine to Ancestry but would really like them to be one without having to sit and type it all in all over...
  6. snowydacat

    Family keepsakes

    Am I the only one who has now developed a hoarding habit because of your family tree? I have been researching mine and other halves tree and the difference is very noticeable. On my side there is just my mum and some vague memories from her childhood. Her mum died when she was ten and her...
  7. snowydacat

    Quarter master generals office Barbados

    Does anyone have any information on the Quartermaster generals office in Barbados? According to information I got off the web, this was the only military based in Barbados in the mid 1850's and comprised of the top bods, 4 leiutenants and 4 sergeants (one of which is mine!) plus about 100...
  8. snowydacat

    St Munchin to Barbados

    Having just acquired ggggrandfather William Graydon, chelsea pensioner records (was looking for years on national archives but never found him so never give up:o ), I found out he was born in St Munchins, Limerick and joined the army in Barbados. I have found a probable record that has his...
  9. snowydacat

    hi from me

    Re: Introduction Hi there :) Just joined this site after hitting a million and one brick walls after researching my, and my partners, family tree for around five years. I sometimes give up for a few months and leave it alone, then one day a thought will spring into my head 'why dont you try...