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    I'm a Gramps.

    Congratulations Gramps! Hope you are enjoying your new title, nothing finer. Michelle
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    Joseph Murray

    Joseph Murray who was born abt December 1822, Burwardsley (Nantwich), christened 3 Jan 1823. Any help in identifying/location family in 1841. Parent's possibly Joseph and Elizabeth.
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    Murray, Joseph

    I'm looking for a Joseph Murray who married an Elizabeth ? They had a son Joseph Murray who was born abt December 1822, Burwardsley (Nantwich), christened 3 Jan 1823. Looking for any information on either Joseph. Possibly one of them sited in the 1851 census birth place Nantwich. Any help...
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    British Coastguards 1841-1891

    Thanks for this - a great tool.
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    Pilot Master - Marines UK

    Possible Cheshire Area and/or Ise of Man. He was in Sri Lanka as Harbour Master for about 20 years.
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    Song Connection

    Forever Young - Bob Dylan
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    1841 Murrey/Murry Look-Up Please

    Could I ask for a look-up on Joseph Murrey event: Census event date: 1841 gender: Male age: 50 birthplace: Cheshire record type: Household registration district: Altrincham sub-district: Knutsford civil parish: Knutsford county: Cheshire and Joseph Murry event: Census event date...
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    Back again

    Welcome Back - sometime a break - allows you to see things differently and make inroads into previous brick walls. Good Luck!
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    Pilot Master - Marines UK

    Looking for some information on GGG Charles Green he was a Harbour Master in Sri Lanka - early 1900's. How can I find more of his marine history in the UK?
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    Thomas Burgess c1844

    Steve, Have you looked into this Thomas Burgess? Thomas Murray Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1844 Registration district: Nantwich Inferred County: Cheshire Volume: 19 Page: 151 (click to see others on page) Is there any way we can get more information, prior to ordering certificate?
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    Agnes McGREGOR

    Could this be your Agnes in the 1861 Census: Agnes Mcgregor Age: 19 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1842 Relationship: Boarder Gender: Female Where born: Kilmaronock, Ayrshire Registration number: 644/7 Registration district: Milton Civil parish: Glasgow Maryhill County: Lanarkshire Address...
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    Joseph Murray 1841 British Census

    Thanks Leefer - although not sure a connection, as Joseph Murray in that family would of only been 14 when Thomas was born.
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    Joseph Murray 1841 British Census

    Looking for a Joseph Murray Cheshire or Lancashire area. He was a Labourer or Joiner. Had a son Thomas born in 1844 birthplace Northwich. Have found a Thomas Murray born to a Joseph & Mary Murray, who had son Thomas Murray christened at St. Peter's Church in Liverpool 9 May 1844:confused...
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    Burgess Murray

    Absolutely a possibility - I know that happened on my husband's side. We do know in 1867 on marriage certificate he notes father as Joseph Murry - it's definitely a block buster.
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    Burgess Murray

    Thank you Barbara, Ozn, Dave, sorry was away for a few days with no computer access. No don't have a birth certificate - cousin Steve has tried to ordered numerous ones, but we have not yet found a correct one. All we know is that on Thomas Burgess marriage certificate, father is Joseph Murry...
  16. M

    Thomas Burgess

    Thanks Barbara, We know from Thomas's birth certificate his father Joseph Murry Burgess was a labourer. Thomas was a border in 1861 @ age of 17. Perhaps he wasn't born in Witton at all. Think maybe need to find a Murray and a Burgess marriage and then try and work down from there.
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    Animal Capers.

    Those are great leefer.
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    Thomas Burgess

    Looking for a Thomas Burgess b. 1843-4 Witton-Northwich. Father is Joseph Murray Burgess b. 1822. Thomas Burgess (Burzess) is a boarder in the 1861 British Census. Any help greatly appreciated. Joseph - Thomas - Burgess - very popular names.:confused:
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    Burgess Murray

    Looking for a possible marriage between Burgess and Murray - interested in learning more about this possible Name: Margaret Burgess Spouse: James Murray Father: William Burgess Appreciate any light that can be shed - at a bit of brick wall with our Burgess line. Of specific interest is...
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    Joseph Murry Burgess CENSUS HELP PLEASE

    :confused: Looks like Joseph and Alice aged 20 years from 1841 census to 1851 census. Thanks so much for the info - I think I will order a birth certificate from one of the children to clarify.