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  1. dougalgeorge

    Cause of death?

    Hello all, I have a 1856 death cert (that I don`t know how to shrink on Picasa to get it the right size to post it redf) ) but the cause of death is something like..... ? ? t h i s i s or ? ? t h i c i s Just in the hope that somebody might have come across this before. Thanks
  2. dougalgeorge

    David Aspinall`s father?

    Hi. I am wondering if anyone can help. The info I have on David Aspinall`s Birth Cert is:- Reg District; Culcheth, County of Lancaster Date: 10th March 1851 Father: Ralph Aspinall Mother: Ann Aspinall formerly Croston Occupation of Father: weaver Residence: Cross St, Bedford I want to know...
  3. dougalgeorge


    Hi to all. Can anybody tell me if they have heard of the name Norvill either as a surname or forename? It was my Grandad`s middle name, I assume he was named after someone, it wasn`t his Mother`s maiden name, so have you heard of it?
  4. dougalgeorge

    A bit more experienced now!

    Well, here I am in the big kids forum. Left the `Newbie, Introduce Yourself` thread behind with a bit of trepidation. Where to start? I`m amazed how much I have found out just today with the help of my lovely Mothers` filing system and my Grandmothers` hoarding of everything. I am a bit stuck...
  5. dougalgeorge

    Hello to you all

    I am very, very new to this family tree stuff. I have just started quizzing all my relatives to find out info to get me started. I came from the North East of England (Crawcrook and Sunniside) to live in Cyprus nearly 3 years ago now. No regrets. My husband and I run a business cleaning and...