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  1. JRFox


    Yea I get the same thing! Ancestry is ok, but its not worth the money in my opinion. I think its ok for basic info but anything else you have to get lucky.
  2. JRFox


    Another close name to compare would be Ansted.....There is a small town in the U.S. called Ansted and the name came from an English scientist name David T. Ansted.
  3. JRFox

    Any Facebook members?

    Hit me up dave! Send me your facebook name in my email box.
  4. JRFox

    Samuel Fox (St. Andrews..Enfield/Middlesex)

    Samuel Fox's wife is Elizabeth ?......It is said that Elizabeths maiden name was Durham. However, we do not know that for sure because we have found no records on her. The theory is that since she came from Middlesex as it shows on the convict passengers list and she was caught stealing as well...
  5. JRFox

    FamilySearch Pilot Site

    Here is another site you can find graves and or plots..........Mostly United States. http://www.findagrave.com/
  6. JRFox

    Samuel Fox (St. Andrews..Enfield/Middlesex)

    Here is the an updated list of my Samuel Fox's children with some middle names. William M. Fox Joseph Fox Susanna Fox Samuel A. Fox, II Richard William Fox Bartlett Fox Anne Fox Sarah Fox John Miles Fox, Sr.
  7. JRFox

    hello to all

    Hello from Snowy Ohio USA! welcome
  8. JRFox

    New To The Site

    Welcome to the community! welcome
  9. JRFox

    Samuel Fox (St. Andrews..Enfield/Middlesex)

    Yea the problem with that is that we dont know Elizebeths actual last name in terms of her maiden name. I tell ya, this Samuel Fox is getting to me mentally! LOL....I wont stop until I find something. Whatever it takes! I think I am going to need some help though!
  10. JRFox

    Google My Family Tree!

    Everyone see the new book called "Google my family tree"? I am curious to know if anyone has purchased this book. I have heard great things about the contents. They are saying it is the best genealogy book to come out in quite sometime.......I dunno!
  11. JRFox

    Global relatives

    So far I have traced mine back to England. That is where our family has stopped for now. Got to bust that brick wall! LOL
  12. JRFox


    Yep.......I have a descendant that was a felon as well..LOL! Stole a Mahogany Tea Caddy and a looking glass! Amazing!
  13. JRFox

    Samuel Fox (St. Andrews..Enfield/Middlesex)

    The problem is, we do not know what Samuels wifes maiden name really is! It is currently thought that her maiden name was Elizabeth Durham, but that has not be proven. It is yet another guess! Some assume because she was on the same convict ship that came from England that they married. She is...
  14. JRFox

    Passenger lists

    Corned Beef is one of my favorites, but I have never had corned beef fritters! Sounds pretty good!
  15. JRFox

    Elizabeth Durham

    Anybody? LOL........:(
  16. JRFox

    Passenger lists

    Peter Wilson Coldham is a good author of old passenger lists. He has many books of immigrants to America. I was wondering if they kept passenger lists of ships to America somewhere in England on record?
  17. JRFox

    Samuel Fox (St. Andrews..Enfield/Middlesex)

    Hey...I really appreciate your insight....Here are the list of children by Samuel Fox that were born in Virginia... #1...John Sr. Fox #2...Sarah Fox #3...William Fox #4...Joseph Fox #5...Samuel A. Fox II #6...Richard William Fox #7...Anne Fox #8...Susanna Fox #9...Bartlett Fox The St. Andrews...
  18. JRFox

    Old Photos

    I dont think I would ever write on the back of them personally. I would put them in a plastic jacket and tag them on the plastic.
  19. JRFox

    Newgate Prison Information

    Does anyone know if there are records for Newgate Prison such as names of prisoners, or minutes that were kept? I was wondering if they survived and were kept somewhere in London. Thanks for any help with this!:biggrin:
  20. JRFox

    Elizabeth Durham

    Anyone on here researching the last name Durham? I am looking for an Elizabeth Durham from Middlesex/London. She was convicted of stealing and tried at the Old Bailey and sentenced to transportation and did some time in Newgate Prison. I dont have a birth date or anything but from what it says...