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  1. Alison120

    1911 Census

    Hi, Just a quick question...I have just got back into doing my family tree after a short break, and was wondering why there is a green strip over the address on the 1911 census? Alison.
  2. Alison120

    1939 Register - FMP/Ancestry

    Thanks for the tip Peter, if I get stuck again, I’ll try the street name & see if that works.
  3. Alison120

    1939 Register - FMP/Ancestry

    Thanks so much for that Geoff, I don’t know why I couldn’t find it, got it saved out now to my tree. Thanks again, Alison
  4. Alison120

    1939 Register - FMP/Ancestry

    Hello, I’ve been looking for 2 people on the 1939 Register on Ancestry, and just can’t find them, but when I look at the register on Find My Past, they are there! I have a subscription with Ancestry but not FMP, I was just wondering if somebody may be able to get me a copy of the record so I can...
  5. Alison120

    1939 Help please.

    Thanks Geoff, yes it funny how its not available on Ancestry, but it is on FMP. I know her husband was at war, but I’m not sure who she was living with because I don't think they had their children untill came back from the war. Alison.
  6. Alison120

    1939 Help please.

    Thanks so much, yes that is definitely her as her birthday was Christmas Day. I don’t suppose you have a picture of the image do you? I wonder why I couldn’t find this record on Ancestry. Thanks again for the quick response & your help, Alison.
  7. Alison120

    1939 Help please.

    Hello, I’m new here looking for some help. I found an ancestor on the 1939 register on ‘Find My Past’ I don’t have a subscription with FMP but I do with Ancestry, I can’t seem to locate this ancestor on Ancestry...and I don’t want to get a subscription to FMP just for one record, so I was...