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    What screen resolution is the site designed around??

    Out of interest I tried viewing the forums at 1024*768 as this is the most prolific resolution in use worldwide... It doesnt work, the forums are shunted off the RH side of the screen, leading to a 'less than pleasant' browsing experience... (screengrab attached) Are there any plans to allow...
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    Morning Folks

    just shout if you need anything Dave...... most of my time at the mo is taken up with extending the shed and job hunting (am temporarily 'at leisure')..... any opportunity to tinker with code is always good though... :)
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    Are there any members out there using and administering TNG ?? I have set a site up for t'missus using it at www.julies-genealogy-pages.co.uk and have made some modifications so that customising the text on the front page is less likely to result in the site 'going down' It would be really...
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    Morning Folks

    Just sticking my head round the door..... Feel a bit cheeky really as it is the missus that does all the research ;) but I help out where I can.. I am also a member of another free to join genealogy forum where I assist with the more technical aspects such as layout, page templates etc...