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    Newbie advice desp needed

    Hi Thanks for all yr help, no victor and gladys were married they were my nans parents anne taylor is gladys mother and gladys had the surname of taylor as she wasnt harry waghorns daughter Victors parents were ada swindle born in ireland and his dad was earnest jackson is there anyway i...
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    Newbie advice desp needed

    :rolleyes: annie sorry but i cant find it could you give me a link to the actual page thanks
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    Newbie advice desp needed

    Hi Julie Thanks for that i shall chk it out, if that turns out to be the lady i am after, what will my next step by i am a total newbie with this , how will finding this certificate help me find more past relatives thomas thanks for looking too i shall check these out to, but i dont think it...
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    Newbie advice desp needed

    No unfortuately not. is this bascailly a closed case then
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    Newbie advice desp needed

    Hi Im trying to trace my family tree and havent got a clue where to start. also are there any free sites you can do this or do they all charge a small fee. the only information i have is my grans mother was called gladys taylor born in tunbridge wells kent on the 28th may in the 1900's her...