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    How do I indentify regiment?

    My Paternal great grand father fought in WW1. I have his medals and I cherish them. On the box they came in, the original packaging, it states 'York.R'. I'm assuming this is Yorkshire regiment, but which one? Is there a way of determining which one he was in?
  2. M

    WWI soldier tracing.

    My paternal great grandfather fought in WWI. He was awarded campaign medals, and I have a photograph of him in uniform from the period. I do not know the regiment he fought in, or where he saw service. I have tried using the WWI search on Ancestry.co.uk, and found nothing. One previous search...
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    introduction already made, didn't show on forums, along with another post I had made, test posting made to see if it was my internet connection or something else causing problems. amended. thank you.
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    Yet another newbie!

    Hello all! I'm new to all this family history stuff, hopefully I have found the right place to be, and you'll all be friendly and helpful, and maybe I can return the favour some time!