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    need to learn how to say no

    I finaly finished a paper. I open mouth and put in foot. I was asked about doing a paper for a History mag and (not thinking) say yes. At same time was asked how about up dating tours at the plantation and again with out thinking said yes. Then at this point put brain in gear. Have just sent...
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    I was doing research on peanuts grown on the plantation were I guide and research. Now I am searching court records in Boston, Mass. There has to be a case. Found fact: selling peanut oil in North Carolia for $1 a gallon same gallon selling in Boston for $10 as olive oil. So a boat trip turned...
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    claiming poss someone elses rellie

    I am putting in a claim for Sir William Watson, member Royal Society. I am going to see if I can make clain stick or will I need to go to someone's family tree in the dead of night and saw off a limb. I am doing research for a Plantation that was one of the earlest peanut plantations. I was...
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    I guide and do research at two plantations here in Wilmington. one plantation was a peanut plantation and is having an event to mark 30 years as a musuem. So I have been doing research on the history of the plantation fron 1729 until now. So if anyone wants info on growing peanuts, making salt...
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    Pardon, I need to vent. A distant reli(Not far enough away) contacted me with great info he got from the Mormon church records. I told him that it was wrong and got back o no it is right because the church said so. I then explaned that it was send wrong by another person, who I had corrected and...
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    climbing out of the pit

    You find help in the oddest places. we went to williamsburg, Va. for xmas. For those who do know Williamsburg. it is the conserved/rebuilt/live history colonial capital of Virginia. I was talking history with the shoe maker, he reenacts with the 23 Foot Royal Welsh Fusileers, I have Sgt. Lambs'...
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    marring same name

    i have father and son marring two ladies with same name, then the b******** son marries his second wife who also has the same name. the ladies come from the same area and their fathers have close names also and all came into the area within a ten year time frame. one set have no idea were they...
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    medieval soldiers data base

    Saw this in news paper www.medievalsoldier.org put family names in the data base and all kinds of hits. on the Watson side my grand-father used to tease my grand-mom by telling grand kids that the family had to leave the welsh border and go to Scotland because of over use of swords. At that...
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    side roads

    Have been doing research on the family of one of the houses I guide for. Did I get on a side roadeek) The family had a member in the American Revolutionary War. So while getting him sorted out I found a lot of books writen by people on both sides. I added ten books so far to my collection and...
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    side roads

    Steve Have I got on a side road. One of the old houses i guide at, ask me to do a paper on slaves at the site and in the area. Thinking this is going to be snap I said sure. I am now back to 1500 when the Spanish tried to set up a colony, with 100 slaves most ran to the indians. The Spanish...
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    Migration routes in US

    Doing research on families in the US I am finding depending were the family entered the US influnce were the family end up. If they came into philadelphia, Penn the route was west; in 1600/early 1700 to the TRACE south to mid North Carolina/South Carolina back country these were Scot-Irish(non...
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    Yorkshire to US in late 1700's

    A family leaving from Yorkshire going to baltimore , Maryland, US in early/mid 1700's how would they go via which port? Did the ports keep records of people leaving and on what ship? i belive the name spelling was changed at Baltimore and family kepth the new spelling. I know this happened at...
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    have a Frances Foy b abt 1650 came to Yorkshire from Normany, France(also have Bretagne, France) married Serena Miles b abt 1660 goes to Baltimore, Maryland, USA 1673. Lands with two childern and father-in-law and family. Have family in the states, but can not find anything on the Miles. Can...
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    edwin stubbs

    Edwin Stubbs b apx 1835 d 1900 Lower Withington, Cheshire Henbury, Cheshire Croxton Hall farm, Sandbach Farm, went from Lower Withington to Croxton hall Farm 1881 Henbury and Sandbach farms mention. trying to trace path and time line to track other family. thanks for any and all help.
  15. L


    Came into Philadelpha USA from Ireland ,Dublin, had hired ship and loaded with cattle and sheep. Family story has family coming from the Borders of Scotland to Ireland. My grandfather teased my grandmother by telling us kids that the family had to leave the borders of Wales for being over handy...
  16. L


    I am searching for info on Francis Foy came from France to North Yorkshire, he married Sars Miles and had childern. Goes to Baltimore, maryland, USA in 1673. He is with his in=laws, then settles in Baltimore county. His son Thomas(1690-1761) goes to North Carolina. Any info welcome.
  17. L


    In researching "Morrow" came across a site doing DNA matches on the Morrow's(and other names). They sounded interesting. So I read their info. I have some questions, hope some one has some answers. 1. They check the male line only, so you have to have the same last name as one of their streams...
  18. L


    William Marrow recived a land grant in what is now mid North Carolina, Allamance County arround 1740 to 1760. He recived grant after the crown took over from the Carolina Company. He could have come into the State via one of the following ports - Wilmington, North Carolina, or Charleston, South...
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    land grants

    I have been researching some plantations and have notice an odd fact. The early grants 1600-1700's appear to be in 640 acre blocks. Does anyone know why the 649 was used?
  20. L


    I am Using "laxdoc" because I have used it on a number of history sites and if someone knows me from those sites will be able to keep me straight. I am retired and I guide and do research at to houses in Wilmington, NC, USA. They are 150 - 160 years old(young by British terms). Was station in...