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    There was a story in my family that my great grandfather was awarded a royal warrant for building a lighthouse off the Norfolk coast,but i have never been able to sort out if there is any truth at all in this. I understand ,according to Kew,that by the time he had joined the family building...
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    Missing Jane

    Please can someone help me find Jane Cottingham,nee Gudgin,who married an ancestor of mine ,John Cottingham. She was born in Weedon Northants around 1845,and she and John married there in 1861,They had a son,Lewis John,the following year. On the 1871 census John is living in London with...
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    I'm new to this site,so don't know if you aleady know about this one. www.raogk.org/index.html (random acts of genealogical kindness) Volunteers (i am one) do very specific lookups ,in their area ,for people who can't get there to do them themselves,and requesters are encouraged to...
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    Lost ancestor

    Please can anyone help me find my great grandfather's brother,who i have lost ! He was born in Erwarton Suffolk in 1840.He was baptised as Lewis Clacton Smith Cottingham,but on his birth cert he is Lewis Clayton Cottingham.His father died in 1842,shortly after the birth of my great...
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    Hi, I have an ancestor who was described as a gunsmith on one census.He was lodging in a town in Northants,when his normal address was in London.This was in 1861. I wondered if gunsmiths at that period travelled round the country selling their wares ?
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    Illegal marriages

    Hi, I have no way of proving it for sure,but i have a strong suspicion that my great grandmother's second marriage was to her nephew,a man described as her cousin,but possibly the illegitimate son of her brother.This was in 1887,and he was about eight years younger than her. I know inter cousin...
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    hi i'm new here

    Re: Introduction Hi,I'm lesley.I have never used a family history forum before,so hope i am doing it right.I am retired,and started researching in 2001,concentrating on all four of my grandparents' surnames,and i have had varying success. I have come to a bit of a standstill now,and have come...